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Software / F19 Stealth Fighter issue.
Last post by Dal - 06-09-2022, 22:42:21

I have just been trying this game on my machine. I completed the first mission and then the game asks for disk C - there is also a small screen glitch which leads me to believe it's crashed.  It doesn't progress from there.

STE - TOS 2.06 - 4MB
HDDRIVER 9.10 on CosmosEx.

I will try under TOS 1.62 and report back.
Software / Re: New game adaptations
Last post by TheNameOfTheGame - 06-09-2022, 13:51:46
Nice, thank you!
Software / Games aka list
Last post by Petari - 06-09-2022, 08:45:59
It was started at AA, and there were useful contributions. But admin there don't care about usefulness, fairness .. He likes girls bragging with their new retro stuff. Or giving space for lies, hate filled posts.

So, here is list of alternative game titles of Atari ST family games. It could help to find game easier.

Here to note that we have opposite case too: Different games with same title, so need to add publisher too

Another World     aka     Out Of This World    - second  not  present at atarimania - it seems that only non Atari ST versions had such title.

Barbarian - the Ultimate Warrior (Palace)     aka     Death Sword   

Barbarian 2 (Palace)    aka      Axe of Rage

Battleships (Ocean)     aka     Battleship (Epyx)

Buggy Boy       aka    Speed Buggy

Driller       aka      Space Station Oblivion

Dragon's Breath   aka   Dragon Lord (Spotlight SW) - note: there is platformer game with same title Dragon Lord by 16-32 Diffusion  .

E-Motion      aka      Game of Harmony, The    -   The goes to end because of sorting

Fast Food     aka      Easter Eggstravaganza (title on ST Action coverdisk)

Galdregon's Domain          here it's getting interesting:    aka      Death Bringer (Spotlight SW) .

At  atarimania is error - there writes that Deathbringer (as Death Bringer there) from Empire is Galdreg... with different title - wrong. And I knew it, as I remember well both games from all those hours I spent with them .

So, need to be precise, accurate, like by programming - one little detail, letter diff. may mean another game .

International Karate           aka      World Karate Championship (Epyx)   

Nebulus                aka        Tower Toppler

Nitro Boost Challenge         aka        Super Stuntman

Pipe Mania           aka             Pipe Dream

Pro tennis tour     aka     Great Courts

Pro tennis tour II     aka      Great Courts II

Raffles    aka   Devon Aire ...  Devon Aire and the Hidden Diamond Caper  (Epyx)
Sentinel      aka       Sentry

She-Fox             aka              Vixen

Skate Wars        aka      Skateball

Slap Fight            aka            Alcon

Strike Force Harrier     aka      High Roller   aka     Harrier Combat Simulator    Hurray ! 3 of them !

StarRay -- UK,  aka "Star Moon" -- Italy   aka   Revenge Of Defender-USA  - latest 2 not present at atarimania

Summer Olympiad (Tynesoft)      aka     Summer Challenge (Thunder Mountain)

Warlock's Quest             aka            as just   Warlock   in the USA.

Winter Olympiad        aka      Winter Challenge

World Cup Soccer Italia 1990          aka        World Trophy Soccer

Software / New game adaptations
Last post by Petari - 05-09-2022, 21:33:50
This thread is for presenting new game adaptations, and should be mostly for that purpose.
Requests for specific games, problem reports pls. in other thread - what can be something like: Games wanted for playing from Flash Card instead floppy.

Ace Invaders

Vector Invaders

Incantation (French)

BMX Simulator
  done by Jeffrey Young .

Software / Re: Request! Budgie Ace Invade...
Last post by Petari - 05-09-2022, 21:27:03
Done. Look at usual place.
Software / All partitions easily accessib...
Last post by Petari - 05-09-2022, 09:27:11
This is special Desktop hack used in latest versions of improved TOS - iTOS 1.04 and 1.62 .
Especially useful in case of many hard disk partitions.
Instead having lot of drive icons on Desktop it is possible to change drive icon's letter with simple holding down of new (desired) drive letter and clicking on icon.
In YT video is visible that count of drive icons on Desktop is limited. And in low res it is less, because drive icon takes 1/16 of space. And there are icons for floppies, trash can. Not to mention time needed to create them.
So, I think that 2-5 drive icons are enough, and when need to access different partition (logical drive) can just change on of them to it.
Software / Images with over 1600 games, s...
Last post by Petari - 04-09-2022, 17:48:34
I did put together image with over 1600 hard disk adapted games, with Game Menu, optional view of game screenshots - selecting and starting game is pretty easy.
How Game Menu usage looks can see here:
First version is for TOS 1.04-2.06 .  There will be v. for TOS 1.00 - it needs different partition sizes and Folder 100 in driver to work efficient. 
Image sizes are 3.5 GB - so fits on 4 GB SD cards. 2 GB is just not enough anymore. Of course in that 3.5 GB is some free space and 2 empty partitions. Can write to SD card with USB readers - as image.
Requirements:  Atari ST, STE, Mega ST, Mega STE with min 1 MB RAM. And some of ACSI adapters which can over 1 GB. (called ICD extended ACSI too). It can be even hard disk, although I doubt that there is many of them left operative, and of course writing on them is little problematic (need something like PCI SCSI adapter for PC).
So, if interested, need to e-mail me with details about your config - what Atari model, what TOS version, used Flash card adapter type .  It can be even IDE, ACSI-CF adapter too - then will get small program what will update hard disk driver in image for such adapter.

Software / Re: Tanglewood doesn't start
Last post by Petari - 04-09-2022, 17:36:44
Forum was down for longer time.
Software / Re: Splitting roms for Cartrid...
Last post by Petari - 04-09-2022, 17:35:44
Little late reply, but better later than never.
I have ROMsplit program:
At 2/3 of page. It is intended mostly for Atari ST TOS ROMs, but can serve for cartridge ROM split.
It may be that will need to correct image sizes after split (LO and HI) - can do it with some hex editor for instance - like HxD .
News / Re: is act...
Last post by RodLightning - 03-09-2022, 21:34:56
Same.  Good to see you have a place up and running.

Best regards, Rod