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Software / Re: New game adaptations
Last post by dakidski - 28-05-2023, 22:58:29
2023, please give us a new hdd image soon. Love from Denmark.
News / Re: How to be useless
Last post by Petari - 10-05-2023, 08:52:02
And another thread, where people rather blaming TOS than the real problem - using PC floppy drives on Atari ST without needed mod:
Yes, it happens when they ignore pages done ... hmm 17 years ago : PC floppy drive fix for Atari ST
Software / Re: Software to change CPU spe...
Last post by complicated - 02-05-2023, 10:58:25
Quote from: Petari on 02-05-2023, 09:42:58Here is one what sets to 16 MHz, or prints that it is already at it, and other what sets to 8 MHz :

Works great, thanks! Now i can finally throw that terrible Xcontrol in the waste basket :)
Software / Re: Software to change CPU spe...
Last post by Petari - 02-05-2023, 09:42:58
Here is one what sets to 16 MHz, or prints that it is already at it, and other what sets to 8 MHz :
Software / Re: Software to change CPU spe...
Last post by complicated - 01-05-2023, 16:00:32
Quote from: Petari on 01-05-2023, 11:47:26Here is it: 16MHZ.PRG  80 bytes .
Source: 16MHZ.S

Thank you. Can this program change back to 8mhz or does it just set speed to 16mhz cache?
Software / Re: Software to change CPU spe...
Last post by Petari - 01-05-2023, 11:47:26
Here is it: 16MHZ.PRG  80 bytes .
Source: 16MHZ.S
Software / Software to change CPU speed o...
Last post by complicated - 30-04-2023, 18:23:08
Does anyone know of any simple, light on resources software to change CPU speed on Atari Mega STE?

ATM i am using Xcontrol which can change speed to 8mhz/16mhz/16mhz cache and it works great. However it`s not light on resources and can sometimes mess up other things, like running HD adaptions and other software/games. I really don`t have any use for Xcontrol except for the CPU speed change so would be nice if there is some other software out there which do the same but takes alot less computer power or computer memory.
News / Re: How to be useless
Last post by Petari - 26-04-2023, 09:14:41
 And for change little from AA:   "The MV16, produced by the ST adoring French, is the single most important cartridge for the ST ever released. Coming in at approximately £10-15 to improve the YM2149 horrible sound chip for a Macintosh killing 1986 520STM 16bit home computer it shows how clueless Atari were to not do exactly the same thing before 1 million Amigas had been sold (1989?) to stay in the fight. It's a simple case of a publisher improving of the substandard audio hardware that ultimately killed sales of the STFM. "
This is in thread 'What do you use your cartridge port for?' .
 Well, really 'objective' and 'surely' based on 'extensive research', 'known facts' ...
MV16 was included with game BAT, partially as better sound generator HW, partially for copy protection.
 I did not hear some large improvement in sound quality. Well, maybe my ears, equipment is not that good, but it stay for most of Atari ST users. Just because some are obsessed with sound, and expect some specific tone they can not come with silly talk: like that YM killed sales of Atari ST :-) I'm sure that until 1989 more than million Amigas were sold. And when we are at 1989 and sound - that's when Atari STE is released. With DMA sound (ala Amiga), and what happened - it was barely used in SW, games. Even worse is case of Falcon and it's DSP - good for sound on high level. Sales were pretty low. So, it is clear that only small % of Atari ST family users was interested for sound in first place. Or MIDI, to add.
 Will write it again, and it is well known thing: Atari ST was designed as multi purpose computer, with low price for what it offers. There are diverse compromises - for instance YM chip is used for some floppy lines control too.  I still see ST HW design as very good for it's time. And think that SW design (TOS) was not on that level.
News / Re: How to be useless
Last post by Petari - 23-04-2023, 10:13:45
And useless replies with false claims just go on ...
"As it is writing to the disk that corrupts the data, the change needs to done to the hard disk driver. (TOS 2.06 has a DMAwrite routine in ROM, that would require changing, too; but it's almost never used.)" . Written by czietz - interesting care about rutine in ROM timing, but what about support for drives/Flash cards over 1 GB capacity ?
" can imagine that you're observing an entirely unrelated problem that also manifests itself in data corruption. For example, I've seen an Ultrasatan that repeatedly corrupted the data on the SD card regardless of the machine. (Also on STFs and a TT.)" - also from czietz .
Data corruption happens in 99% cases because of SD card not good for Ultrasatan. And UltraSatan can be problem too ..
Using long writes to DMA chip is usual way, and yes, it is present in TOS too. It is actually not long write, only instruction is it. That's splitted in 2 parts, and writes to 2 HW registers (in fact only 1-1 byte). Surely not possible at once with 16 bit data bus . Same on TT. And if you look DMA chip pins - it has only 8 bit data.
All it is visible in HW DOCs . Now, doing it with splitted commands so using 2 write commands instead 1 long will have little more pause between 2 writes to DMA registers, because second opcode fetch time. That should not affect timing of signals self. Well, there may be need for some delay between two writes in some cases . More in cases of preparing DMA write than DMA read ? As I remember bad DMA in STE had errors in reading too - not my experience, I never had STE 'bad DMA' chip at me.
My experience is fine with long writes on all Ataris and DMA chip versions. Not sure how it is in TOS 3.06 , but it is very similar to 2.06 so ... Well, actually even saying long writes is wrong - it is just command what uses long data, in fact it's 2 writes in row.

Other thread: AF - Atari falldown
There is my page about how to do it:  Atari properly
Of course, they at AF will not link it. They like mess, lies and not really helping people.
And it seems that it just getting worse ...

  And talking more about 'no progress in later years' : forums should give some help in preservation, where to get,  how to play, set up computer/emulator, etc ...
  But what we can see is: lot of posts from newcomers, with very basic questions. And answers are not much better.
It is more important to be 'polite' instead to say to someone that is wrong. Example (there is thread here about that post at AF): thread starter called U.L.S 'Unlimited System'  ;D  . I really can not imagine how it came out.
Nobody corrected it in that thread, actually there are only couple replies, and that's actually good - because they are totally worthless.
  Things are just so low now that I can not get over it. Well, not only in Atari forums, forums. Whole situation on Planet is very bad, because leading specie is on totally wrong path in last decades. As one of main reasons I see lack of clear, opened talk. Then mentality which prefer to 'win' over other people, other nations and like. For instance for some is most important to 'win' in some talk, discussion. While knowing things well, not making logical and other mistakes is what everyone should go for. Nope, coming with diverse good sounding arguments is what goes in most cases. Like 'current war causes this inflation' - said my some leaders. So, how to expect that ordinary people will act better ? This inflation started before this war. And what caused war ? Earthquake or people ? What caused D-Bug to abandon their 'game patching' - similar bullshit as with inflation - they blame something really not possible to cause it - me, "because I stole ULS code and use it in my game 'patches' " .
Why should be that reason to abandon it ? They are team, I'm alone, so they could do more of it than me ...
 In other thread I wrote about how ULS is not universal. Yeah, just another case of big words, not covering facts. Like in commercials, article names - they say Climate control device for in fact air cooling device - that's what most people has in their homes. Climate control device does 2 things more: air refreshing (with filtering incoming air) and air humidity regulation too. Or they call LED TV TVs with LCD displays, because there is LED background light in them. That's actually intentional misleading. Because there are real LED TVs on market in last 10 years, and they cost still much more. Aim is to give to potential buyer impression how super, latest technology it is, and most of buyers just have no sufficient knowledge about all it. Well, similar with Atari forums - and stays for both sides - question givers and answer givers - just like in shops - sellers have very low knowledge too . But in World controlled by ... it is OK. Knowledge will not increase sales. Let's watch superpower movies, and everyone will be happy, and see way out from this misery  ;D
There is way out, but it is not easy. First step would be to realize what is more important in life - power over others or good, fair relations with others. As I remember we are humans, not gorillas.