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How to be useless

Started by Petari, 09-02-2023, 10:28:25

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Chaos it is
Really ? It seems that it gets dumber and dumber.  It was pretty much clear what thread starter asked, despite not so good English - but smartheads must to ask about using my hard disk adapt - while thread starter talked about floppy images .
All what they can to do is:
General answer, prejudices.
Or in case of pirate to recommend own old cracks. Because what they did is surely the best, flawless ...

And it is year 2022. And Atari ST machines are very old. And SW, game's code is not perfect.
I had some talk with JY about not starting, freezing problem by some games. It is present in many, count can be about 50. In some cases it happens when moving mouse, pressing some key, joystick in intro stage (may be with music, some animation) - so there are advice to wait until it ends.  But by some it just happens sometimes. 
The reason is not so good IKBD, MFP code (intelligent keyboard (what reads mouse and joystick too), (multi function peripheral - special Motorola chip for computers with 68000) - in some cases it just becomes unresponsive on input devices. And culprit for bad code is partially Atari self - they never made good and detailed enough documentation for how to do code for it.
And age of Ataris helps not, so I'm sure that there will be more and more problems like this.
But will those at AF be aware about that factor ? Why should ? It is easier to write how PPs 'cracks' destroy data on hard disks and like.  Morons. They did not learn anything in last 15 years.
Usage of some Atari ST is now different than in floppy era, by 90 % of current users. Floppies are too unreliable, including drives. But not only drives, machines becoming less reliable. There will be more and more problems - like computer works, but some SW, games not, or with problems.
And I did not say anything new. This is known problem of electronic. Actually, Atari STs are better in it than average.
Not liking to spread bad news, but: this may be last decade of massive usage of old Atari ST and compatibles. There will be more and more problems, failures, needs for repair, components. Ah, and money for all it. Solutions are already here. 
And for those wanting all it in same way as was in 80-es: possible. Just will cost a lot. Nothing new. It is so with old cars and many other things.


About 15 replies, and in many cases answers were not strict, there was mentioning of diverse SW, but without knowing it's really capabilities.
Then, there was someone talking about having 500 GB drives, so partitions sizes of 512 MB, 2 GB are not good for him - and all it with Atari ST, TT ... 
Well, what he wants to store and run from those disks, on Ataris old 30+ years ?  Some movie player, and like 5 GB long MKV video files ?  Surely, then FAT32 is what is needed.  Not really - only EFAT32 can deal with files over 4 GB. Someone mentioned NTFS ?

What I can say is that 32 GB is certainly enough for some old Atari. And we are about that can not find easy smaller capacity new Flash cards.  Prices are low. Using classic hard disk with old Atari ? Well, only if you have it all already, and it works well.
I remember that tried my 160 GB IDE driver with Mint some 10-12 years ago, and there were problems with FAT32 partitions of larger sizes (what would be today smaller ones) . Don't know about how is with newer versions.  In any case, ST, STE and even Falcon is just too slow and limited with RAM too for FAT32 .
So, even with OS capable to work with FAT32 it will be just too slow.
Not to mention that Atari ST SW is not needing FAT32, and LFN will make extra problems.
All it is known well, but great AF and AA like silly discussions - where no one with some better knowledge participates, and with good reason - idiot admins don't care about knowledge, wasting time .
I will not go there next some 6 months . Curiosity kills the mood  :)



And more:
No reply yet. Nobody from people active there bought/built such ? Or it is really not so good for ST floppies ?
What I can say is about writing images to floppies - Greeseweasle should be able to do it, and all usual image formats - ST - what is just raw floppy sector content image, maybe MSA (but can convert to ST format easily) and some flux formats. Matter of firmware and SW .
And of course if have floppy drives with older PC possible too. But needs SW. I made such for Windows, and it is known. But of course those at atariage will not do it, because I'm a monster - said 'shallow' to some there. And that matters, not helping. Yeah, forums are for ego, not to share experience, knowledge.
And all it is really not complicated. Best is to do write with real Ataris, but that needs solving transfer of image files from PC to Atari - some Flash card adapter is good and not expensive way - to work as hard disk and for easy transfers using  USB reader.
Anyone can write here little about his experiences with Greeseweasle ?