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The biggest cretenism

Started by Petari, 31-08-2023, 14:28:59

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When you think that it can't go lower - well, in this times it is wrong. Some are able to achieve it.
AF thread, so wise ...
So, Numero 2 genius started thread with question and immediate answer, all by self, in first post there :-)
But it was not enough idiotism for AF, so genius Numero 1 added link to some DL - called pperror - actually my game hard disk adaptations what some thief took without any asking, permission, and put online (without any real need, as they can be DL-ed from my site fast and reliable) . Of course, his goal was to write bad thing(s) about my work.  And what is worst in all this ? That Atari ST forums allow such assholes to post there.  This so called humankind sunk so low in this century, and especially in last 3.5 years.
And to add for those who don't know basic things, facts - my hard disk adapts have nothing with ULS - everyone can check it. But it is easier to believe blatant lies of C.J. and being shallow.
I did over 1800 games, unlike ULS morons. Because I made support for much more type of Atari ST games.
I did compilations, what D-Bug, Klaz never did.   And what can see on moronic forums ? That they talk about ULS as only hard disk gaming supporting system.  In section for menu disks (what is on floppies :-)  . It was not even first one you morons. There was already Superior FFLS system in 90-es .  You are just total disgusting assholes Muguk and company ...  Enemies of fair information, talk, experience exchange.