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Started by 1024MAK, 02-09-2010, 17:23:02

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It's like buying a new house. The structure is all there, but all the rooms are empty!  ;D
Or maybe I should say, it's like buying a new ready formatted disk / flash memory card. Formatted with a structure but empty!  ::)
So people, like the above items, it needs filling up.... :D


Yep, we're working on it  ;)


Good luck to your new forum !
i hope to still up for looong time.. :)
My system: Atari STE 4MB, OS: SuperTOS 2.06, HD: US/disk 4gb SDcard ,ppera v0.98 HD drivers, USB mouse adapter by me, PSX controller joy adapter by me,  full list of adaption,s games by Petari.
Second Atari machine: 1040 STF
Other: 2X Lilliput Atari 130 XE


Certainly better luck than previous one of me. This is on paid host, and Mr Solajic takes care about financials.
I don't expect some mass posting here, and many members. But it may have some benefits in compare to very popular forums:  less repeating threads, much easier to find wanted infos  :D