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Started by Anemos, 18-05-2016, 19:27:55

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An idea about RSS for last 5  adaptions HD games, that can we use in to our forums .
My system: Atari STE 4MB, OS: SuperTOS 2.06, HD: US/disk 4gb SDcard ,ppera v0.98 HD drivers, USB mouse adapter by me, PSX controller joy adapter by me,  full list of adaption,s games by Petari.
Second Atari machine: 1040 STF
Other: 2X Lilliput Atari 130 XE


I do adaptations in pretty much diverse intervals in last year. And that will be so in near future, I think. There is not much quality games left. Main problem is testing, and I don't see that except couple people occasionally there is some interest, volunteerism about that. I did nice game Obitus 90-95%, but need to play some hours to reach point when it will ask for disk 2, so can test is floppy change code OK. And that just fits not in my current daily scheduling.
Some coordination of work is necessary, otherwise all is on me. And that's just not efficient.
I don't see that most of people is aware about how much time some game's adaptation may need. In rare cases it may be really fast, but I am now at fact that lot of problematic ones and test demanding ones waits better times, better contributions.
Sorry, but I don't see what RSS feed could improve in current situation.