What happens when on forums remain only dumb people ...

Started by Petari, 23-12-2018, 19:24:58

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Yes, that's where Atari ST forums sunk now. Just a waste of time to visit and post there. Almost nobody thanks to people who made hard work.
It's all for cheap fame, for 'winning' in some stupid discussion and like.  And all thanks to poor forum leaders, some crews and so on.
Really hurt to see:  "disk TOS is RAMdisk"  ...
What TOS version is floppy based TOS from 1985 ? They want to read it according to header structure of ROM TOS  ;D
Actually, there is no TOS version info, because no header. No in floppy bootsector, no at begin of file TOS.IMG .
Btw. in 16 KB ROM of early STs there is TOS header structure and version is just 0.00 .
Thank you exxos, MugUK, Dal and others - you really did and do great job ! I apologize to all others not mentioned  ;D