F19 Stealth Fighter issue.

Started by Dal, 06-09-2022, 22:42:21

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I have just been trying this game on my machine. I completed the first mission and then the game asks for disk C - there is also a small screen glitch which leads me to believe it's crashed.  It doesn't progress from there.

STE - TOS 2.06 - 4MB
HDDRIVER 9.10 on CosmosEx.

I will try under TOS 1.62 and report back.




This is marked as C on adapts table - what means that is complete - someone played thoroughly. In 10 years since it is released did not get some problem report. And I'm sure that I played more than first mission when tested it.
So, it may be that something is not so reliable.
I recommend to go in HDdriver settings and lower it's RAM usage (it gives a lot when detects 4 MB).
On this page bottom is help for that: http://atari.8bitchip.info/GamexUsage.html