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Started by Petari, 06-02-2013, 16:40:15

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This is new thread/section, to inform people about available flawless image for some Atari ST SW/game. See in thread 'bad games' which are problematic ones. There is actually not much for which we have no good image at all, but we prefer images of originals instead old cracks.

As currently beta testing of Steem SSE is going on, where IPF support is added, I was able to convert some IPF images into ST ones.
And we have finally flawless images, hard disk adapt. of Dragon Spirit - certainly not the best shooter, but is good to know that after bad cracks and incomplete archives ( only 1 floppy from TNT compil. in archives) + version in TNT has errors at final boss .
It was imaged to IPF couple years ago, but we don't have yet SW for conversion to usual ST formats from IPF. With emulator, it went well.

It would be good to see what originals Kryoflux owners have, and then they could give priority to 'missing Pasti images' titles.