Failing in emulators

Started by Petari, 23-03-2012, 14:31:13

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There is smaller number of SW, which works not in emulators.
Usual reasons are:  tricky antihacker code which is not 100% correct emulated. Examples:  Warp, Blood Money  .
Very hard to fix. Usually in protetion, so cracks may work.
Game bugs, which fail on STE and therefore Steem too (STE only emul.) . Examples: Grand Monster Slam, Hyperforce.
Easy to fix, patch in Steem.

Some other case of not perfect emulation, combined with unusual code. Example:  Microprose Golf. It crashes in Steem, Saint, Hatari during intro.
The reason is not 100% accurate MFP emulation.
Here may DL STX images with patches, MSA images deprotected, fixed for emulators and hard disk runnable v. too :