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Something from troed at exf :

Started by Petari, 06-12-2018, 18:20:10

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Well, exf would be exxos forum, or rather ex forum for me  :)
I just dug out one of rare troed posts, which could show for what he was interested:

"Charge a license fee? I.e, allow others to burn but they'll have to send money to you. Just distribute your changes as a binary patch and you''re even legally clear regarding copyright ...
That way you'll have to spend less time burning EPROMs and visiting the post office yourself.
(I could do the Swedish market for example)"

Nice example how people coming out with ideas without enough knowledge about subject, without asking how it is assembled for instance. And of course, I always getting messages, mails when people smells money  :)
First the simple thing : how could I be able to see how many copies troed sells ?
Copyright is complete nonsense in this case. No one cares for it in case of 30 years old abandonware. Plus, people already paid license for TOS when bought Atari. What I charge is only for my work, not whole TOS . Is it patch, or reassembled whole TOS doesn't matter.
And it is not patch, since I reassembled complete TOS, with good optimizations, which decreased size of original code some 8-10%. That is a must to have space in 1.04 for extra code. 
I think that I need to put more accent on that 'not patch'   .