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Atari Forum Down

Started by Petari, 17-12-2017, 12:28:51

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You will see thread here with same name (subject), only few rows lower. It's started by Dal, one of admins there.
We are at end of 2017, and that forum is down, so low as never before. Not down in technical meaning (not working, inaccessible), but down in social meaning.
So, I just don't want to waste my time there, with total useless talk with egomaniac "clean" programmers, some idiots (Joska) who are even moderators there. And there was case of member acting way over the top. He did criminal act on public forum - threats about physical assault on someones health are actually criminal act. And what happened after that (look, it is irrelevant what caused his madness, and I experienced 1000x worse insults there) - that post was deleted, and he continued with threats, only in less vulgar form. Nothing is deleted. On any normal forum he would be banned forever in minutes. No, at AF you can not ban someone just like that. They need to make conference first. There are some idiot haters there for whom any action against me is OK.  All in all, he, they crossed the line, a thick line. There is no way back.
Then, that thread about EmuTOS - it shows almost all bad what goes there. People jumping in without reading even 5% of written there. They insult heavily (again Joska, + EmuTOS team members) - and no, that's OK. - Double standards, indeed.

I will not waste my breath about that Titanic of forum more. Only can hope that all decent people will leave it soon, and find some better forum(s) - and we have some. It is actually not really Atari retro forum anymore - most active are threads about MISTer and like - FPGA clones. Yes, that is the future, indeed. But there is people who still using old machines, and can keep them alive some time yet.