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The Man Himself!

Started by ataricrypt, 27-03-2017, 13:43:09

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Hello everyone.
Now, I've no idea why i never posted here earlier (I'm crazy!) but better late than never!  Okay, Peter is the man behind everything we download from this 8BitChip website. Be it utilities, driver, or games. I know I couldn't run AtariCrypt without his adapted games for my Ultrasatan!! It's obvious he's worked so damn hard over the years for our community and I wanted to know more about this fella. So I asked him for a little interview and, well, I was shocked when he said yes! :)

I think everyone that's ever enjoyed his talent to fix, patch and improve games might enjoy this read. I hope so.  I was (happily) shocked to see he comes from the ZX Spectrum, like myself and of course he loves the ST so much. Hence the adapted games and also the run of STe enhanced games, like Xenon 2 and Dungeon Master. Anyhow.... enough of my waffling on! Greetings to Peter - keep up the fantaSTic work, it's appreciated!

Cheers everyone, Steve
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