Project - advanced internal IDE adapter with opt. TOS upgrade, switch

Started by Petari, 05-01-2013, 10:31:36

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Features:  reliable work with new Compact Flash cards
                   very fast - up to 3MB/sec reading possible - fastest seen on ST(E)

TOS 1.04 - 2.06 for ST machines. 2.06/1.62 switchable for STE.

Socket (connector) mounted in machine case , accessible from outside.

Cost of adapter self:  estimated price is around 40 Euros.

Comparing it with UltraSatan and other solutions:

Not just connect to machine and use type.

Much faster. Not only mass storage - TOS upgrade too. High speed offers some new things.
While other solutions go on usual hard disk drivers like Hddriver, this will work with own, special

  Because this needs some solderings, cuttings in machines, I plan for beginning to not sell
kits. Who is interested need to post me machine for upgrade. It costs of course, but beside
adding adapter in machine, I will do some fixes by need. Here thinking on weakened electrolyth
capacitors in machines in first place - what is now, when they are over 20 years old very common problem.

Recommended to who : 
People wanting to use old, good SW in more advanced/comfortable way than from floppies.
Most of SW can run from hard disk - there is already a lot adapted.
Those who like new solutions, speed.
For people wanting TOS upgrade, old ST(E) machines, needing little fixing.

I think that this is more useful than some accelerator, over 4MB RAM upgrade - because
their SW compatibility is pretty limited.

Let me know if you are interested.



My system: Atari STE 4MB, OS: SuperTOS 2.06, HD: US/disk 4gb SDcard ,ppera v0.98 HD drivers, USB mouse adapter by me, PSX controller joy adapter by me,  full list of adaption,s games by Petari.
Second Atari machine: 1040 STF
Other: 2X Lilliput Atari 130 XE


Im interested in 2 but what is the rough cost of fitting post etc on top of the 40 Euro for the board and would we need to send a CF card and the full machine or just the mobo   ??




I need to see about concrete shippings costs - and it depends much of country where you reside. Certainly is more for UK than for Slovakia (I'm in Hungary).

Sending mobo is OK in principle. But you need then to mount socket for card by self. Why sending CF card ? Of course, it is not problem, and I can add some stuff on it, testing is enough fast for certain things ...

It should work with CATA - I'm not so far with producing it, but there are no address conflicts. But why 2 devices with same purpose ?