Solving display problem with Atari ST(E) machines now - 2022

Started by Petari, 05-11-2022, 10:06:55

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Lot of people have now problem what TV, monitor to attach to their old Atari ST(E) computers. Standards changed, and new displays have no compatible inputs in most cases.
There are diverse solutions, and some are not cheap.

Some claim that getting original Atari monitor, like SC1435 is best solution. Indeed it has it's advantages. But they are very old, and even if find working one don't expect that will last long, rather expect need for repairs, often. And prices are pretty high now, on what may come not low shipping cost too. + LCD is better for eyes :-)

Getting new TV with Scart input - that will allow RGB connection, what gives best pic. quality. Not really available in Northern America, but in Eu still can buy such new TVs. I have Philips 24 inch one, and pic quality is really good, in low and med res. But need to add serial resistors (100 ohm) in RGB lines to prevent too high contrast - what is pretty much common problem when connect old RGB signals to modern monitors.
So, new TV is not much expensive (smaller size ones), and you have TV too.

As I see on forums, converters to VGA and now rather HDMI are pretty popular and there is bigger choice on market.  RGB input will give much sharper pic than composite. And will likely cost (much) more. Prices are in range of prices of smaller new televisions. So, not really good idea in Eu, I think.

Cheaper solution:  old video (PAL, NTSC) converter for computers. Earlier it was PCI TV card for PC. I still have Pinnacle TV card, with S-Video, composite and aerial (antenna) inputs. Quality with S-Video is pretty good (but needs mod in Atari) .
Today solutions are of course USB adapters. I bought recently Nedis VGRRU100BK . Price is about 20 Euros.
It has stereo audio, composite and S-Video inputs. PAL and NTSC supported - so will work with NTSC Ataris too. Will get good SW on mini CD with. And of course, can record all it - with MPG2, so files will be not much long - and can convert them with new codecs too.

I think that latest is definitely better than some HDMI/VGA converter with only composite input. Much cheaper, + can record.