Loading/booting TOS from floppy

Started by Petari, 21-10-2022, 08:51:57

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'Inspired' by thread at 'great' atari-forum:
Well, I think I will add some new threads here when see how poorly those forums - AF and AA (as most visited ones, although as I see traffic lowers in last years) work. People just don't get proper answers, and worst is that some programmers act really selfish, and do only one thing: recommend own SW to people, even if it is not really good for potential users.
So, in first 6 replies emutos was recommended at least 3 times. Well, if I did such thing they would say that I don't answer on question and similar.
Strange that they are now aware about diverse TOS in RAM loaders, and big part of it was done in Germany. The whole thing is taking original ROM TOS and making relocation table, so it can run from any memory area.
Really pathetic. And I don't think that they never heard about them - it is just that ... yeah emutos ...
My Seltos was mentioned, but without link, so here is page about it, with downloads:
Seltos page
And it includes bootable floppy image too - as fastest way to load it on machines without hard disk/Flash card mass storage.
Why no TOS 1.06/1.62 support ? They are only for STE machines. And surely no sense to deal with 1.06 - 1.62 is same, just with few smaller bug fixes. And any serious STE user upgraded to 1.62 - it is really easy and can be solved for little money (surely not using Best services :-) ).
Whole thread is actually a mess. Starting with title - just TOS . Was so hard to add boot or load from disk ?
And replies are not better. Many just don't know difference between boot and load, AUTO (folder) run .
And the real question:  is giving link to my site forbidden there ? Or good admins just delete if such appears ?
How we sank so low ? And not only Atari forums, but humankind generally. Especially from 2020 it is really horrible. Selfishness, corruption, arrogance, money ahead everything other ...