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"List of non proper games dumped"   ;D  OK, he is not English, but this sentence is sooooooooo stupid .
Non proper games ?   Dumped ? Total ridiculousness .
What he wants to say is that there are games without good images on Internet. And actually he stole my list - without Son-Shu Shi. I'm who started thread about it at AF - with proper title, name.
And Ijor's comment helps not much - "all known original copies are flawed".  Misleading - proper formulation would be: UK release is flawed. And that's only what has STX image online.  And who discovered it ?  Myself.  And I made good version, using some cracks, and I played it. So is tested. So fuck you all morons. You banned me just to can steal results of my research, effort. This is where Atari forums are now, end of year 2018.

Well, things are so low, that stupid is not enough bad word for what goes on. Especially with marcer and his threat at atariage (deleted on my request) .
And ijor is happy - because he is only one with some knowledge among all others at AF ...
How far we are from Idiocracy ?

Well, I'm far from it, indeed  ;D
Finally, I was able to combine complete floppy image of Tetra Quest. Based on 2 images from different sources - one is STX image at atarimania, other is SCP image!s2p2gSII!9efB9yyBkqjq9ECNKzRLHsx0EkUaBl6CTPi4o-Yl85Y

Both have errors, but luckily not on same areas. So, it was actually 10 minutes task to put together image combined from good parts of 2 . I already deprotected it years ago, and it works.

Tested only in Steem 3.2 with TOS 1.04 and Hatari 2.1 with TOS 2.06 . Half Meg RAM is enough.  Don't see that level code entering works, and lazy to look manual  :)

What is missing from image what is at atarimania are high score entering screens (bitmaps for 2 of them) - it's just edition done with mastering error, untested properly for sure.

And I will not start new thread here, since there is still same marcer involved . Man with Wrath ! I need bodyguard now . No problem, with all money I earned selling stolen code, I can afford best one !  ;D
December 25, 2018 by Brume - for case it goes lower when something new is added.
"The Replicants present Safari Guns, a French game that was never properly cracked. Orion did a fantastic job and he also multi-trained the game. You now have unlimited lives, but also max points per pictures, level selection, etc.
Also please note the game is now working on Atari Falcon, too! Yes, it has been tested on the bird machine and it works like a charm!"
Yeah, that's what we need - big noise, lies, exclamation marks . We are the best, fuck the rest ! That summarizes best their life attitude.

Well, I made little test, combined with self promotion  ;)
Posted this text in atarilegend NEWS - I guess it needs approval, since did not appear immed. Will see will appear ever ? :
"I have some news
That would be over 1200 games adapted for hard disk run (and that includes removing copy protection, patching code, running then in special TOS 1.04 modded for run from RAM and many other things - like Falcon and TT support).
It was thousands and thousands of hours of work. Many of it is well tested, and there is column for showing it.

Section with floppy versions:

Happy New Year Atari fellows :-)

And more interesting stuff from atarilegend site:
In their Games related links section there is this:
Home of D-BUG
Added on Oct 3, 2003 by

The only active hackers group for the ST. D-BUG (the follow up to the mighty Automation) is so cool!
Interesting is that link self is OK. 'Only active ...' - actually it is well known that they are not active with ST for more than some 8 years. Even Klapauzius was longer active - considering hard disk 'patching' . So much about values of what writes there. Pathetic.

Well, everywhere I look in last time, I can see only deep shallowness - huh ! How cool this sounds  ;D
Poor Atari ST and followers deserves better. Those running forums and sites like AL are braindead.


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