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Software / Re: New game adaptations
Last post by dakidski - 22-07-2023, 21:19:00
Been trying out a lot of games tonight. Notes:
Jewels of Darkness also has a high res mono mode.
Software / Re: New game adaptations
Last post by dakidski - 22-07-2023, 17:23:59
Quote from: Petari on 14-07-2023, 20:34:04New compilation done.

Wooohooooo!!!! I'm trying to email you!
So, several months have elapsed, and I still have no answer. No body has ever confirmed finishing the Atari version of the game, except a guy who claimed that he helped Petari to test his HDD version, and which I was able to prove that he lied when he claimed that he finished the game. That guy who was bragging about him finishing the game on Facebook was very rude and suddenly disappeared when we asked him to give us some information. Clearly, he lied, and his only way out was to disappear.

So, I made a webpage about the different versions of the game, and I show some longplays of the PC and Amiga versions. Unfortunately, the Atari version which is the best is still missing a solution. So, I ask again my question: Has anyone every finished the Atari version, either on an actual machine or with an emulator?

Software / Re: New game adaptations
Last post by Petari - 17-07-2023, 14:01:42
Karting GP
Steel Empire

New compil. for TOS 1.00-1.02 is under work. That needs lot of editing, testing, mostly because different partition sizes . Will be ready in couple days.  Well, it is strongly recommended to upgrade TOS in such case - work with mass storage will be much better.
Software / Re: New game adaptations
Last post by Petari - 14-07-2023, 20:34:04
New compilation done.

Software / Re: New game adapting for HD c...
Last post by Petari - 14-07-2023, 11:04:24
Some months passed, and I can report here that made very good progress.
There are new HAGE, HAG2 and HAGA function library files for this new concept. And file D15RI.FIC - only for hard disk access. Best place for it is C:/GAMEX - as same one is used for all 3 HAG* systems.
Did plenty of new adapts and tested all them with this new system.
No more screen fading at disk access (or 'flashing' as some call it), and disk operations are faster, especially state saves.
In case of HAGE and HAG2 no need to correct launcher file of game. Only in case of HAGA, but corrections is really simple, can be done in 5 minutes.
So, from now, new adaptations on compilations will be with this. That's the best way, as it needs hard disk driver what supplies some data for further work from high RAM.

More details and YT videos here:
Software / Re: New game adaptations
Last post by dakidski - 01-07-2023, 23:46:03
I'm very excited!
News / Re: How to be useless
Last post by Petari - 30-06-2023, 08:31:14
Thread at AA "ST/STe compatibility question" :
"    The main source of incompatibility is the TOS version.
    There are much more titles that work on an ST with TOS 1.0, and don't work with TOS 1.4 (or even TOS 1.2); than titles that work on an ST with TOS 1.4 but not on an STE.

That is why I hated to send my 520 to Atari for the 520fm 'upgrade'.  I figured the original (with TOS 1.0) would be like the original Atari 800 and run a lot more than the later machines/TOS versions. "

Pretty bad formulation. 'Source' ?  Should say reason rather. Source is bad programming, not so good Atari documentation. Funnily biggest part of TOS version incompatibility causes not working controls - joystick in first place. STOS for instance. But some problems are just because TOS is on different address at STE (STOS included). That would be not just TOS version problem but HW design difference. Even more colors on STE can be a problem for some game code (Deffender of the Crown), and more screen related HW registers . But all it could be avoided with better code and better knowledge about HW.

And of course nobody at AA mentions that most of problematic games are fixed for STE and DL-able on my site.
I guess some like more to hate than to do something good for community.