Have you adapted some apps ?

Started by ccarl84, 19-09-2013, 20:20:13

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Sorry for my English, I'm French ...  ;)

I think you made ​​a great and regular work.

Did you adapt applications for our Atari? Do you have a section for that?

Thank you and move on.



I made some fixes on some applications, for working from hard disks.
There is no section for it. I think that most of people plays only games. Some use it still for work - they likely have versions for their needs.  I did not get so far request to fix some app.
Of course, I can do some if you need ..


I'd love to see them if you've already done them. Most 'serious' applications that I use work pretty well from the HD though, I can't think of any off the top of my head that don't run.