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Happy new Year!

Started by munchy, 31-12-2017, 13:43:32

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A happy new year to all and a big thank you to peter for his work again through this year.My ste has benefitted greatly over the years by Peters fantastic efforts.
These games look wonderful through both the framemeister and ossc,enhanced 4:3 indeed

May i wish you all a prosperous and happy new year!!


Happy 2020 for all Atarians!
My system: Atari STE 4MB, OS: SuperTOS 2.06, HD: US/disk 4gb SDcard ,ppera v0.98 HD drivers, USB mouse adapter by me, PSX controller joy adapter by me,  full list of adaption,s games by Petari.
Second Atari machine: 1040 STF
Other: 2X Lilliput Atari 130 XE


Happy New Year mates!

Metal Slug for Atari STE:
Metal Slug for Megadrive/Genesis:


 Happy New Year Atari ST fellas  :)


Happy New Year to all Atarians!