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Website fixes

Started by paulwratt, 23-09-2012, 02:27:49

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I notice the following:

1) some pages have (cntfe.php) counter problem (lots of HW pages):

2) some pages have (who.php) problems (ip/counter?)

3) these files are missing (or wrong name): ( - software for Atari ST with source.) ( - SRC for TOS 1.04)
(others too but not remember which)

4) on this page:
this website is in jail:
(2 New videos)
(The complete gameplay)



Thanx. I will see to fix ptoblems.
I never encountered counter or who.php problem. I guess that it happens sometimes when server is overloaded.


Movie playback page is updated, and added large files, this time on own host. There is hi-color too ..