New Game Menu (supporting EmuTOS)

Started by andresvettori, 11-06-2023, 20:49:46

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Hi Peter!  Thanks for your hard work!  I already got your ACSI Driver with your compete adapted games image, but now I'm using EmuTOS in my machine and the game menu doesn't work anymore (I have the old one).

Is there a version that works with EmuTOS (or TOS 2.06)?

Thanks in advance!



No plans to support work under EmuTOS - and main reason for it is that it is not much compatible with regular TOS versions and plenty of games (like 50% of them). Plus, no need for it. Original TOS is good enough, and game menu and adaptations work well under TOS 2.06 - just need to set it for low RAM usage (no resident SW, ACCessories) and hard disk driver with low RAM usage too. Especially important with only 1 MB RAM.
If someone wants pure DOS (FAT16) partitions with max 1 GB size and plenty of them (up to 30), can use my iTOS - I improved TOS-es FAT16 filesystem, so it works with usual DOS type FAT16 partitions (widely used today too, supported by Win, MacOS, Linux ...) .  For more details please e-mail me, look pages on my site.