Example of Virtual Floppy usefulness

Started by Petari, 01-04-2024, 09:46:23

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 There is thread at AA :
 STE demo 4096 c.
  And as usual those who usually give advice there have no clue about what is the real problem, and what may be solution.
 So, why it does not work with UltraSatan after copying files from floppy to SD card ?
But everyone can see that there is AUTO folder on floppy, and will that execute when is copied to some folder on hard disk ? Of course not. It needs to be copied to C:\AUTO to work after reset when hard disk driver is active. Will it work at all then depends. In any case it is not good to have something like it in AUTO folder of C: - eats plenty of RAM, will start every time ... and not sure that will solve running .
 To add that it is just one of cases when simple copy of files from not copy protected floppy to hard disk results in not working . For instance there is lot of SW where files are accessed by giving drive letter too, like :  A:\FILE22  - that will not work from UltraSatan, only from some other adapter :-) Of course, will not work from any hard disk type adapter and with usual driver SW.
 It can be solved by editing file names in programs on floppy - what I did many times with games and other SW.
 But there are other cases, hard to solve. Still not copy protected. Copy protection is special case, and it needs in most cases some corrections (patch) in SW on floppy.
 Virtual Floppy is solution for most cases, especially for user's floppy disks, not copy protected commercial/freeware SW . That's why I wrote code for it in my hard disk driver SW.
 And there is Virtual Floppy in my improved TOS too .
I just tried The Source CD 89 via my driver with Virtual Floppy feature and it works well from mass storage - so UltraSatan too .
 The real reason why it works not after simple file copy to some DIR on hard disk/SD card is that files are packed. Depacking is done by program in AUTO folder - that is not working from hard disk/Flash card.
 This can be solved by depacking packed files and copy them so to hard disk. But it needs depacker SW, some experience. With packed executable files it is not so simple. So, Virtual Floppy is simplest solution.