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New game adaptations

Started by Petari, 05-09-2022, 21:33:50

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Just wondering, is "Disciples of Steel" available for direct download anywhere? I thought it had been done but can't seem to find it.

Thanks (and thanks for continuing to support the Atari community).

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I have it here so Peter did do it.  Maybe it is just on his compilation image?  Well worth it to get.  Lots of games not on the direct downloads.  From what Peter told me there's a new image coming soon with a lot of new adaptations!
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Right, it is only on compilation currently. Times are hard, and putting it in DL section with all screenshots and other things needs time. While feedback is not really good. Please drop me a mail (, and I will explain how to get image. I'm sure that it is worth of it for real Atari ST, for long time user .
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Oh, another user told me that in all versions of Disciple of Steel that he's tried (including yours), it crashes at a certain point.

I'll quote what he said below:

"The game has a problem in that it crashes when you enter the palace of Kitari"

Not sure how easy it would be to replicate this or get to that point in the game but I thought it would be best to mention it.

Thanks for any help.
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Atari SW/HW based 1040


 I had some mailing with Mark - not easy case. First, there is no really good source for it. Then, game code is not really good. Work from hard disk with TOS in RAM, state saves is more sensitive than work from floppies.  I just put together new compilation, and there is Disciples of Steel with special hard disk driver and direct disk access from game - that will not work with other hard disk drivers, not even with my older ones. So, will be not in adapts DL page. This way helped with couple other problematic games.


Lot of new adapts. For now no YT videos.

1st Serve Tennis
Asterix Chez Rahazade - French. There are no other lang. versions for ST . Color-mono .
Au Temps Jadis - Fr.
Back to the Future 3
Bambino Fait un Puzzle - Fr.
Bubbles McGee
Carmen Sandiego - Fr.  There are no other lang. versions for ST .
Case of the Mixed Shymer
Chiropodist in Hell
Dizzy Dice
Elven Crystals
Elven Crystals 2
F15 Strike Eagle
F15 Strike Eagle 2
FC Manager
Flipping the Lid
Formula One GP - Micro Value
Future Garden - monochrome
Galactic Playground
Galielo -  Color-mono .
Game Concept
GFL Championship Football
House of the Raising Sun
Mad Ball
Magical Adventure in a Haunted Mansion
Manoir du Comte Frozarda
Money Spinner
Mr Dig
Nom de l'Hermine
One More Breakout
Pro Darts
Rambo III
Seventh Heaven
Space Zot
Three Musketeers
Wild Fire


Nice! You have been very busy!


Back to the Golden Age
English and French versions. Unlimited health option.
It was really hard case - strange floppy code.