New images with all mine game adaptatations

Started by Petari, 12-09-2022, 09:45:29

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There is text about them on this page  Entry page to game adapts  . And people who clicks on link called 'Hard disk adapted games' on homepage of my Atari ST site will be on that page. Well, I guess that some just skipped it, without reading (better).
But I can blame those who talk about those images, and just want DL link, nothing more. So, forgetting to credit author, link(s) to his site, where is plenty of explanation, help ... 
And Atari forums ? No help there from admins, contrary. And of course it is much more pleasant to spit on someone, writing blatant lies than inform people. Well, there was given link by one member, and 2 posts later again someone asked for  :) 
Here I will add only that those images (there are couple different variants, for different TOS versions) are not permanently online. If want to DL them need to write e-mail to me. What's the address ? Get it at bottom of that here linked entry page.