Images with over 1600 games, screenshots from games - for Flash cards

Started by Petari, 04-09-2022, 17:48:34

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I did put together image with over 1600 hard disk adapted games, with Game Menu, optional view of game screenshots - selecting and starting game is pretty easy.
How Game Menu usage looks can see here:
First version is for TOS 1.04-2.06 .  There will be v. for TOS 1.00 - it needs different partition sizes and Folder 100 in driver to work efficient. 
Image sizes are 3.5 GB - so fits on 4 GB SD cards. 2 GB is just not enough anymore. Of course in that 3.5 GB is some free space and 2 empty partitions. Can write to SD card with USB readers - as image.
Requirements:  Atari ST, STE, Mega ST, Mega STE with min 1 MB RAM. And some of ACSI adapters which can over 1 GB. (called ICD extended ACSI too). It can be even hard disk, although I doubt that there is many of them left operative, and of course writing on them is little problematic (need something like PCI SCSI adapter for PC).
So, if interested, need to e-mail me with details about your config - what Atari model, what TOS version, used Flash card adapter type .  It can be even IDE, ACSI-CF adapter too - then will get small program what will update hard disk driver in image for such adapter.

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