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Started by Petari, 28-11-2022, 11:07:41

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Saw thread at so great AA about it. There is list of it and some comments. And thanx to those who care only about own ego and circle some who worked on doing game fixes for STE are not mentioned there. As well WEBpage where can DL fixed versions.

List there:
    Arctic Fox
    Barbarian (Palace)
    Barbarian 2 (Palace)
    Captain Blood
    Colossus Chess X
    Defender of the Crown
    F-16 Combat Pilot
    Future Wars
    Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (mentioned as already fixed)
    Kick Off (I remember my mate Antonio moaning about having to return this)
    License to Kill
    MicroProse Soccer
    Mr. Heli
    New Zealand Story (mentioned as already fixed)
    Operation Wolf (first ST game I played, thought it was the bee's knees - was I ever that young?)
    Rick Dangerous
    Star Wars
    STOS (fixed quickly)
    Strider (mentioned as already fixed)
    Stunt Car Racer
    Weird Dreams
    Winter Games

Most of it (except  'Warerloo') is available as hard disk adaptation, and of course works with STE (min 1 MB RAM - and today should be no STE-s with 512 KB, expansion is simple).

Let see what I fixed for STE as floppy version, with ST images of it for DL:
WEBpage is: Atari ST Game Archive

Grimblood - only TOS 1.02
Swiftar - only TOS 1.00-1.02
Defender of the Crown
Tracker - only TOS 1.00
Downhill Challenge - only TOS 1.00-1.02
Mad Flunky -
Prime Time - only TOS 1.00
Motorbike Madness - TOS ROM address. so, only 1.00-1.04
Caverns of Rigel

There is more ..
Actually, most of incompatibility is because TOS version. So, plenty of games will not work with plenty of STs too. The part of problem is that Atari changed TOS ROM address space by STE .
And there are few which crash because overshot in color palette writing - destroying by it STE scroll register.
Grand Monster Slam

There is much more for sure, so please write here your problematic games.



Really appreciate the STE/later TOS fixes.  It allows me to just use an STE as my daily driver....Just a note of appreciation.