Missing correct, Pasti images

Started by Petari, 07-02-2012, 11:21:57

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Note:  even if your original floppy is in bad shape, it is worth to make image of. I expect that some titles will have not 100% correct image ever. But we can combine from multiple images - if errors are not on same part(s). It was done by me couple times with success. So, please, dig out those old floppies  ::)

Son Shu Shi - no STX, all cracks avaialable have corrupted parts

Maupiti Islands - STX of english v.

Kid Gloves - this is now available in flawless Pasti image. Same guy, who imaged it 2 years ago, made it again, but this time using multiple imaging in empty before final one - what cleaned up floppy surface - see for more in FAQ.

Tetra Quest - at AM : last 7 tracks are corrupted .