Football Simulation by Sport Soft

Started by Petari, 23-06-2024, 08:54:51

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 This is less known European football simulation game - done in Italy, 1990. Thanx to Marko at atarimania I have good STX image of it. And it can be converted directly to ST image, as no copy protection. Well, there is manual protection, and I can say that it is hardest what I saw. What is likely the reason that no cracks of this game - Empire release did not deactivate manual prot. - game will crash soon after play start.
 There is solution for it, but I need scan/pdf of game's manual. What is in 3 languages, as I see.  And some have it :
 I emailed admin there, and no any reply. Someone can help ?
There is another UK man who has original of this, and did nothing.
As I see game is well done, with good graphic, so would be nice if Atari ST people could play it little or more. Especially now, when European Championship is on .


I got you covered Peter.  Give me a day or so and I should have the manual.   ;)