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Regarding lies at atariage 'forum'

Started by Petari, 12-09-2022, 09:23:44

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So, there is thread started by me there in July 2021: New adapts
It is most visited thread there, in Atari ST section, with most posts. But since moron admin found that I'm some kind of monster, and removed me (that was even not proper ban - no word to me about) - so there are now mostly posts which have nothing with game adaptations, or even with facts.
Explanations of admin are most interesting. He talks about "If you consistently demonstrate that you cannot participate in discussions without slinging mud at other members, or just being a jerk in general," .
So, posts of Tillek are OK ?  Or CJ with his lies about stolen code and similar.
Good example is post of Tillek, where he 'informs' people about 4 Atari forums " Atari-Forum, ExxosForum,, and now AtariAge." - where I was banned. Nope. Was no ban at German forum, even if I wrote there that admin favorizes some people (one of them wrote incorrect, insulting things about my TOS improving - like I stole some sources. Well there are no sources for TOS 1.04 and 1.62 available). And actually I just stopped to go on that forum couple years ago.  And funny thing - that would happen most likely at atariage soon - especially after that retro collector girl thread - not even belonging in Atari ST section. But admin posted there lot of pics, so that must be awesome ! Wonder if my short and polite writing there about how to achieve to 'look even better' was the trigger ?
Moron admin wrote somewhere that I complained in past about some posts being anti-Hungarian. 'That did not happen' . Sure, and what about recent CJ post there, containing: "Hungarian Muppet" ?
There are just all signs of unfairness. And yes, ban from AF, Exxos 'forum' was result of that - I just did not want to continue on those forums under such conditions. So, did not accept their demands about what I should write on those 'forums' - actually dictator controlled platforms, which serve in first place interest and ego of their staff.
And AA is same. And lot of people wrote me years ago about how that forum is poor. Yep. In average post quality, in lack of fair treatment ...
Ah, btw. his majesty Albert wrote that I'm banned from 5 forums.  Well, I guess that soon someone will write there about ban from 15 Atari forums :-)
That's the spirit !
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And little more about AA and it's efficiency, or maybe more generally about efficiency of people which do not listen, do not learn - why should ? It's easier to get insulted and repeat same nonsense again and again.
ST RAM upgrade thread
Yep, just one more of it. I will not go here in details about RAM expansion issues, what is available, good for STs and like. Just one little detail:
" I don't even know what software malfunctions with 4MB vs 1MB yet. It's all new to me. When I can find a piece of software that causes an issue, I will decide at that time. Everything I am running is from masteries SD card solution right now and I think anything that runs from SD has already been modified and will most likely work with 4MB. "
What a brain ! So, everything what was copied on SD is modified to work with 4 MB  ;D 
He lacks not only Atari ST knowledge, but general knowledge about computers, elementary logic. Healthy peasant mind (well, some don't like it and rather say 'common sense' . Well, that missing even 2 points of original saying. What is btw. practically same in Serbian - 'Sober peasant mind' . No, it is not common. There are ordinary people being much wiser than average, common. Even if they did not had some education. And that would be the other point - education, diplomas, titles do not mean automatically that person is wise, smart.
Back to that thread and 4 MB RAM problems. No need to modify all those programs (which were programmed shallow, without knowing relevant details about ST architecture, or even CPU exceptions) . There is SW what can make ST, STE with more RAM to act exactly as machine with only 1 MB or 512 KB - yes, there is even SW what crashes with more than 512 KB RAM (1 MB and more).  And I made such SW - which is btw. very simple and short. Under 200 bytes.
So, if that smarthead, who started that thread would be not such moron, he could get answer about how to solve that problem (what is not so frequent at all) from me. Ah, and maybe by using search on forum. It was discussed only there few times.
But he is on right place with AA - moron admin, so they understand each other  :)


And other 'admin' there felt need to repeat his 'wise' writing. Just little part from it:
"As to what led to him being banned this time, I've no idea, but whatever it was, I'm sure there was plenty of a good reason for it. Another thing important to note is that not all actions that lead to banning are on public display, as I can attest to, being someone who's had his AA inbox filled with diatribes from ppera claiming everything from the mods here hating the ST (certainly not true, why would there be an ST forum?) to us all being racist against Hungarians (yes, that is a real accusation from him, I kid you not)."
This is actually good example - about how such people explains things. Saying only 'shallow' would be not enough. There is usual generalization, pluralization of things - common 'technique' of those manipulative, distorting ones.
No idea, but sure that was 'plenty of good reason' - of course moron. You just confirmed what I wrote - unfairness, clique against me, etc.  Giving concrete example would be 'maybe' more correct.
Then that I wrote 'mods here hating the ST' - that's ridiculous. And moron again comes with something what was not public. I wrote probably something about that way how they handle discussions is not good for Atari ST community, and knowledge about it. Yes, treating in same way shallow, full with mistakes posts and posts written by experts, with care for details and accuracy is just good way to keep low level of all it. And result is visible over years. Low post count, most of them is just bragging with new items, questions about things which are already discussed on forum, online. No FAQ section, just plenty of thread with starters demanding detailed answers, help - instead doing little search - what would make all it faster for them, btw. Some were extremely rude - after was told them how could do it more efficient. But that was OK for moron admins (in further text: morins) .
All being racists against Hungarians ? It is not race you moron ! It's nation. Another case of huge shallowness.
Yeah, level of AA 'forum' is such. And in fact, I'm glad for that ban - as said, was thinking to not continue there with postings. They just made that dilemma easier. Thank you morins  ;D


Well, I just checked your 'New Game Adaptations' thread on AtariAge and see that it was finally closed by the admin. Just as well, as I would likely have been tempted to post my opinion again and bring on more arguments.  At least three members wanted you gone, and one in particular was happy to keep the Ppera bashing going on, so long as he got the last word.  Admin ended it for good and in a way proved there is a bias there in a manner I have often seen done towards others who disagree with set policy.  Too often, in my opinion, interesting users are being banned from AtariAge.  I could make a list of those I miss following, but I won't.  They are all gone, or still there under a new user name..another condition for automatic ban, I believe.  LOL.  What a ridiculous world we have here online!

I stand by what I wrote about the wisdom in banning gifted individuals from any Atari forum.  When someone is accused of practicing cancel culture, they give themselves away by how much they deny and protest it being true, followed by the obligatory insult to accusers intelligence!  The test never fails.  Also, I hate lynch mobs or I would never have spoken up.  I'm usually quiet on forums and post only if I have a question or something important to say.

Peter, sorry the admin banned you, but it is his sandbox over there, so he gets to do whatever he wants.  It's up to forum users to decide if they continue participating or not.  I generally don't believe in bans, and see them as a kind of censorship.  Losing contact with developers only serves to diminish our hobby.  I hope you continue to post here about whatever projects you have...or even if you choose to do less.

I sometimes think that admin and mods over there don't see that a little conflict and criticism is healthy to keep the forum alive and interesting to read.  Otherwise, we get a dull one note environment where everyone agrees with each other and exchanges compliments on approved opinions.  No other point of view or temperament allowed.

I hope a few more Atarians, particularly ST users will join the forum here who may be reluctant to post words of support elsewhere.  Thanks.


Thanx RodLightning . I would say that it was first admins positive action in that thread - locking it.
And, of course, the reason why he did it is not something positive. It is clear that he don't wants there more posts which say things in my favor. Albert was OK with posts containing blatant lies, distorted talk about some events, written ... Of course that was OK - he self wrote such things.

One thing is sure: I will never go back on any of those 3 English lang. forums, where unfairness, shallowness and so on rules . Where some people just can write whatever, insult whoever they want - and biggest insults are not in words, but in content of what is written. And to not forget lies. One of biggest liars is even moderator at AA.

I think that it was enough of all it. Just to add, such behavior, attitude is not only on forums. It spreads in today's new age World, controlled by ... Youth has very bad example. And not youth, even older people becomes very selfish, irresponsible ...  Every day I see, hear so stoopid, or better to say idiotic things that sometimes I wonder - Am I in Hell now ?
Example: after lunch in my usual restaurant, I saw there tortillas in offer - let's get couple for dinner. So, I asked to pack me for take away. And lady asked: should I warm it up in micro :-)  Sure, that will make it for sure fresher :-)


Peter, sorry the admin banned you.
Losing developer users only serves to ruin the scene and life
of those ancient beloved machines.

Ironically, all of the ban capable admins are using your HD adapted games daily.

Hopefully, we have this forum.


Metal Slug for Atari STE:
Metal Slug for Megadrive/Genesis:


I don't think that they care for developers. Or even for motivating people to do new SW, HW stuff for old Ataris. All what they care is own fame, to be boss on forum. And worse, they don't care about accuracy of written on forums. Let there be many posts, count matters. Quality ? What's that ?

Here is fresh thread:

Well, first: why using term swapping instead replacing ? You get programmed TOS ROMs from somewhere, not from other Atari (where would put then those removed from - but that's not happening in 99.99% cases) .
Then 'crack' open machine ? Did thread starter hear about screwdrivers ?   ;D
Opening old electronic, especially old computers is very recommended - to remove dust, for instance. It just makes cooling of components worse. Damages floppy drives.
And another proof why we need corrections:  "I thought I read somewhere a long time ago that TOS is copied from ROM to RAM upon bootup " . Sure, that's how early TOS worked in first half of 1985 - although it was copy from floppy :-) And better said it was unfinished TOS .  Why copying whole TOS from ROM, when bigger part of it can work fine from ROM, with same speed ?
People really should abandon such approach, look more about things and details. He could do simple math, and see that it's absurd that there is still some 400 KB free space in 512 KB Atari ST - while TOS is 192 KB .
What goes in RAM is TOS workspace - what can be only in RAM. And to add that GEM RSC block is copied to RAM too - because parts of it change. (where they could use packing, and then TOS 1.00 would fit in 192 KB space. I write this because official explanation for TOS from floppy was that they had no time to solve that it fits in 192 KB (I guess that then came with Line-F emulator solution) . Well I would rather say that they missed better, easier and faster solution. And packing was used then a lot - maybe not at DRI ).
Another bad term is using word 'ROM' for floppy (really bad habit). Sure there is such one, for instance I mad it.
" if you're converting ROM to RAM... yeah... Ram will be used. "  And of course, again bad terminology.
No wonder that they have no clue how computers work. All they can understand is what SW to use in specific situation. Having some respect toward programmers ? Why ? Sure, they are to serve us, and of course for free - not only from money, but from 'thanks' too. Yeah, this is new age.