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Stupidest thread ever

Started by Petari, 15-04-2023, 09:36:07

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Well, subject here is little over top, and blame Hollywood for that ('stupidest ever' is what I heard zillion times in their movies, TV serials) :-)
So here is the thread:  AF wisdom
Thread starter is really confused and poorly informed persona. He thinks that ULS (U.L.S.) is abbrev for Unlimited Software  ;D   Full with shallowness further too: 'Gamex HD conversions' ... He asking about DL-ing multiple games at once. What about going to site of mentioned Pera and read what is written there ? There are not only instructions about DL-s, but some concrete links, and in this case most important: instructions about how to handle all it. Saying 'install' games is stoopid too - it is just copying DIRectories of games to some partition, in root or some subdir .
 Of course replies are not smarter.  And in second reply is link for DL my compilation - but not from my site, taken from there, without any asking, permission, consulting. Then, it is called pperror and flagged as harmful, so Firefox did not allow it's DL by default.
  Now, it is obvious that storage space is cheap now. Because that asshole wietze did it all just as anti propaganda against me and my work.
  The facts:  it was DL-ed from my host over 1000 times. Nobody reported any damage. There was couple e-mail about problems with some games, what was clarified, solved after few e-mails.
  In meantime I made newer compilations with more games, added new features, screenshots (now in all 3 ST res.) and I getting very positive e-mails about it.

So, where we are now with Atari ST retro computing support by great English lang forums like AF and AA ?
I will say it clearly:  they are utter rubbish, shallow, misleading, unfair places where for some everything is allowed, even breaking law - yes, calling some SW harmful just like that is it. But obviously they can do it because World (leaders) has now much bigger problems. Like making more and more money ...
 Making people to buy more and more not really necessary things . And more and more often - and yes, it goes in that direction - making short duration ware ...