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Started by Petari, 02-09-2022, 11:48:22

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Thanx to Marko Solajic this forum is working again.
And I move all my Atari ST family related forum communication here. Will just say that had really bad experiences with AF and AA. And I'm really not interested in threads where people bragging with their new retro stuff acquirements and similar. Or to correct obvious shallow writings on forums where admins do not care about level of posts, knowledge.
Yes, I hope that we can establish here some Atari ST family related talk, helping people with giving proper advice, proper links and similar. Surely not those who asking things for which answers can be find easily with online search, or some other platform related questions.
As is known my specialism is storage - hard disks, Flash cards, TOS filesystem (that goes with hard disks) and even floppies, although I barely use them in last 10 years, but I made some useful SW for them - for Atari ST, Windows.
And of course game adaptations for hard disks - yes, I use term 'adaptation', and there are good reasons for that. Over 1600 games so far.

And something what could be good for some people. This forum is in English language. But I know some other ones pretty well, so feel free to write here in Serbian, Hungarian, German (not so good, but can do computer talk pretty well in it too). And languages similar to Serbian: Croatian, Bosnian, Crna Gora-ian - yeah, it may look as I just want more of it listed, but as I know they are now call so what speek there, as official. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.

Well, I guess that need to say just about what kind of posts/threads belong here, in my opinion:
Diverse questions about Atari ST and peripherals for it usage, places where can get it, and similar.
SW related questions.
Presenting own SW or HW design, product for Atari ST family.
Experiences with Atari ST SW - like with games, about their quality. Same for serious SW.
That's what I can think of at moment. There is more, I guess.
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Same.  Good to see you have a place up and running.

Best regards, Rod