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TwiSTer board and iTOS

Started by andresvettori, 29-09-2022, 22:02:46

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Hi there! Has anyone tried running the TwiSTer accelerator board with an enhanced TOS from PP?
This board has some flash ROM that could be easily programmed, so I'm interested in knowing if this would work.
I'm specially interested in the support for the 68020 CPU (running at 24mhz) and the different stack frame format support needed.

Thanks in advance!



There is no larger stack frame support in iTOS .  That can be added, and I have actually modded 1.04 with it.
But to solve some timing problems because of much faster CPU clock it needs tests on such board.
What I have no, and actually don't plan to get. Just not really interested for accelerators. Especially not over 3 decades after those computers and CPUs (including 68020/30) . There is enough to deal with solving compatibility and running from modern storage on regular Atari ST family machines.
Surely, some SW can benefit from faster CPU. But there are cheap ways to solve much bigger speeds of running SW - I can assemble 1 MB long ASM source file in 1-2 minutes instead 50 - with regular Devpac 3 .