Mega ST 2 internal IDE interface board for sale?

Started by Waltermixxx, 17-03-2011, 21:06:45

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Hi there,

I just aquired a Mega ST 2
and would like to build the internal bus to IDE interface ( with no buffers...)
and I was wondering if you may hight have any boards available?

or if you happen to know if there is a single sided board available.

I have seen the single sided board that plugs into the processor socket,
which I could do on my own, but I thought I would check to see if you happen to have one for sale.

Cheers :)

I will also be looking into upgrading the mega 2 to a mega 4 if possible :)

I still have to open the case and have a peek in :)



Here is sch + board project for Mega ST :
Forget single sided.  No boards made, and no plans to manufacture - too low interest for this specific one ..
This is better than CPU socket version - in case of Mega ST.


I think I have a spare one. I have to check my drawer ...


Quote from: jvas on 18-03-2011, 14:22:07
I think I have a spare one. I have to check my drawer ...

Thanks for checking jvas, let me know if you find one...

Petari thank you for link, I have been to that page many times...great info...
I was just hoping someone had a board :0)