Atari STE to VGA adapter cable...

Started by Waltermixxx, 31-12-2010, 07:01:47

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Quote from: Waltermixxx on 09-01-2011, 16:05:45
The 5 volts should be pretty stable, it comes from a 5 volt power adapter (switching power supply) for a usb hub.
So I don't think it would be that, but I was thinking of taking 5 volts from the STE 15pin joystick connector. ...

First suspect. Switching PS is not good for this - may be too much noise. 5 Volt from Atari is certainly much better.


I will give that a shot and report back :)


sorry if not untrusted fine..,your TV is NTSC or PAL?
coz the 3.579545 mhz crystal is for NTSC that looks black and white (no colors) on PAL TV.
maybe there is the problem?
For the 5volt i know you need (about) 100ma for works this PCB, try use 5volt from PC psu or a simple transformer..
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hi there, yes NTSC,
as I am in canada... :)