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520 STE

Started by Petari, 22-12-2022, 09:15:39

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I can not leave it without comment. Some 'genius' at AA (forum for such people) just wrote that 520 STE should have never existed. Then that SW for STE needed mostly min 1 MB RAM.
I can say with confidence that later is not true. Most of games using STE enhanced capabilities work with half MB RAM (from floppy). And there was plenty of SW for ST needing min 1 MB RAM before STE .

So, poor buyer of 520 STE got some SW needing 1 MB RAM, and then looked around what can do. Really simple case: going in shop and buy SIMM modules. Step 2: get screwdriver, open STE and add modules. Or replacing them to 1 MB ones, so can have 2 or 4 MB . 10 minutes of work, no soldering needed :-)

Funny thing that no reply there talking about much easier RAM expansion in STE. I never saw 1040 STE. Not sure that it was sold at all as it. Right because easy expansion. Plus, in 1989 1 MB was not so impressive.

I expanded my ST to 2.5 MB then, and it needed making PCB for expansion, lot of soldering.


Yes, the STE was an improvement in several ways over the ST(FM) platform - SIMM module usage being one.

Btw, I have a 1040STE so it was released at some point at least in the USA.