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alien breed 3d 2

Started by johnz, 04-01-2011, 10:18:19

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is it possible to play smoothly alien breed 3d 2 on an amiga 1230 ? this game is very interesting with sharp graphics but the frame rate is slow as hell.
ppera are you going to develop a gamex on amiga? :)


No. My Amiga knowledge is very low. And as I see there is much more Amiga game adapted for hard disk run than Atari one.
And as said in other thread, gamex is not for speeding up games. If machine is set on max speed (what HW allows), and if then game still has bad framerate it means usually: forget it and try some better game  ;D
Not that it is impossible entirely, but not worth of time and effort. After all, all this is retro.


you should try to test alien breed 3d 2 to see what i'm meaning :-)


On a 1230 50 mhz frame rate is correct. 
Of course not in full screen mode. I noticed that running from floppy disk gives a faster rendering than from whdload.