Author Topic: Writing images on Flash cards problems in newer Windows and workaround  (Read 3420 times)

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It was simple and straight in Windows XP. User should only take care where to write and to not access partitions on card where writing at moment. Later Windows versions, from 7 added access deny to disk areas where mounted partitions are, so writing of images fails if there are partitions on card. I tried with unmounting partitions, but it still works not properly in Windows 10 for instance.

So, I suggest following workaround (tested):  making card to show as unpartitioned by writing short, 512 bytes long file (all zeros in) to start of card. That will make all data on card inaccessible, of course, but that will happen anyway when we write image on card.

Steps:  Insert card in USB reader, then run Drive Image as administrator (may work with other SW too). Select card from list left (usually last in list). Click Write to sel'd and select file ZEROS.IMG (in link below). OK, and it will write in moment.  After that detach card reader for few seconds, and insert back.  No partition should be mounted by Windows. Click refresh, and select it again in list. There should be no filesystem shown (DOS or GemDos) . Now can write your image file without problems on card.  After it you may remove card again and reinsert to see are DOS or TOS/DOS compatible partitions written there and accessible in Windows.

I think that this way may be good for Linux users too, because unmounting all partitions on card may need lot of typing.

Images with lot of Atari games:
2  1GB long image files with unusual extension HD - just standard RAW images actually, so writable with usual SW on Flash cards. ACSI driver only, and can try them in Steem with Pasti too.
Contain all Petari, Klaz and D-Bug hard disk adapts (patches) done until May 2015.  There are some handy utils too on C.

Windows SW for image read, writing, file transfers, zeros included  :) :