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Thorsten Otto caught in lie


This is more for people speaking/understanding German, but is very interesting, and sad - how deep some can go ...,14845.0.html

In short, he accused me that I want to sell something - SW, where I used his C sources. without crediting him.
But he should read my post above his, where I clearly said that all is done in ASM . Not to mention that he has sources for TOS 2.06 and 3.06, while I did it with TOS 1.04 and 1.62  ;D

OMG, I can't believe how this is stupid. I hope that Johannes - admin of German Atari forum will look it better, and will not make some judgement in rush.

I gave some + details in further text, as additional proof how using his sources was not possible actually. Like - I did not use C compiler, but assembler SW called Devpac 3   :)
And I can put online my ASM sources at any time ....


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