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Superior HD fixed games image DL-able
« on: 16-04-2013, 09:55:34 »

Image file, good for UltraSatan, Satandisk ...    80 MB .
Works on Mega STE internal adapter too (tested) .

Game list:

Superior 111   FFLS Hard-Disk Driver, Harlequin 
Superior 112   F1 Tornado, Video Kid 
Superior 113   Spellbound Dizzy, Prince Of Yolkfolk, Kwiksnax, Bubble Dizzy, Dizzy Panic.
Superior 114   Indy Heat,  Parasol Stars
Superior 115   Race Drivin' (Game+Intro)
Superior 116   Brides Of Dracula , Die Hard II
Superior 117a/b/c Deliverance(+ Data Disk), (1 Meg), European Championship1992, John Barnes Soccer (1 Meg), Space Crusade
Superior 118   Addams Family, Bonanza Brothers
Superior 119   Graham Taylors Soccer Challenge, Sensible Soccer, Striker
Superior 120 Championship Manager
Superior 121   California Games II
Superior 122   Lotus III - The Ultimate Challenge, Wizkid - Wizball II
Superior 123   Tennis Cup II
Superior 124a/b   Jim Power In Mutant Planet (+ Data Disk), Tiny Skweeks, Fast Copy Pro v1.1a + German Docs
Superior 125   Duckula II, Sabre Team (1 Meg)
Superior 126   Bunny Bricks, Super Seymour
Superior 127a/b   Ishar (+ Data Disk), Match of the Day
Superior 128   Columns, Cybernetics, Mt Rhead
Superior 129   Liverpool F.C. (Game+Intro)
Superior 130   Leathal Weapon, Sensible Soccer V.1.1, New Hard-Disk Driver
Superior 131a/b   Archer Mclean Pool, Cool World (+ Data Disk), Vroom Data-Disk
Superior 132a/b/c Street Fighter II (Boot+ 2 Data disks), C.J. In The U.S.A.,  Dynablasters.
Superior 133   No Second Prize, Premier League Manager
Superior 134a/b/c Sleepwalker (Boot + 2 Data disks), (STe Only!)
Superior 135   Big Nose, Nigel Mansell's World Championship
Superior 136   Crystal Kingdom Dizzy,  Robin Hood
Superior 137   World Wrestling Federation II
Superior 138   Magicland Dizzy, Vroom Multiplayer
Superior 139a/b/c Graham Gooch Cricket, Mcdonald Land, Ween, (Plus Data Disks)
Superior 140a/b/c/d Bargon Attack, Kid Kong, Lemmings II (Plus Data Disks)
Superior 141a/b/c B17 Flying Fortress, Chaos Engine,  Centipede,  (Plus Data Disks).
Superior 142a/b   Carls Lewis, Dalek Attack (+ Data Disk)
Superior 143a/b/c AV8B Harrier Assault, Fascination, War In The Gulf, TransArctica (Plus Data Disks)
Superior 144a/b/c Fire Force, Lure Of The Temptress (Plus Data Disks and Docs)
Superior 145   Utopos (Preview STe Only!), Zool (ST or STe)
Superior 146a/b/c Legends Of Valour (+ Data Disk), Nicky Boom 2, Saint Dragon
Superior 147a/b/c Ishar II, SWIV  (Plus 2 Data Disks),
Superior 148a/b/c Knight Mare, Shadow Worlds, Reach for the Skies (Plus Data Disks)
Superior 149   Captain Planet, Paradroid 90
Superior 150a/b   One Step Beyond,  World Class Rugby - 5 Nations Edition (Boot), Huckleberry Hound In Hollywood Capers, Truck Racing
Superior 151a/b/c Guy Spy (+ Data disk), Revenge Doc Displayer v3.00, Eos
Superior 152a/b/c Dogfight, Space Shuttle, Wind Surf Willy, (Plus Data Disks).
Superior 153   Shuffle Puck Cafe, Works Team Racing, ST-Lock
Superior 154   Fire & Ice
Superior 155a/b   Captive (Boot) + Saved, Champ. Manager 93 (+ Data Disk)
Superior 156a/b/c Elite Ii - Frontier, Leander (Boot+Data 1), Unreal (Boot + Data 1).
Superior 157   Championship Manager 94.
Superior 158a/b   Bart Simpson versus the World, Beast Lord (Plus Data Disk).
Superior 159a /b/c/d/e  Goblins II, Magic Boy, Pixie 'n Dixie (Plus 4 Data disks)
Superior 160a/b   Cannon Fodder (Boot + Data ), European Champions
Superior 161   Sensible Soccer V.1.20, Starball
Superior 162a/b/c Carlos, F1-Domark, Rock'n'roll Clams, Trex Warrior, (Plus  2 Data Disks)
Superior 163   Premier Manager II
Superior 164a/b/c/d Ishar III (Boot + 3 Data Disks).
Superior 165a/b   Robinson's Requiem (+ Data Disk).
Superior 166a/b   Killing Cloud (+ Data Disk), Obsession (Prev.), Stardust (Prev.)
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