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Pro Tennis Tour
« on: 01-08-2011, 15:08:12 »
It seems that there is no crack for this game available (made at all ?). I see only Pasti images. Started in Steem, then manual protection appeared . So, I decided to make hard disk install of it - quality of menues was some kind of warranty that game shouldn't be bad.
It had decent protection (Markus Fritze), maybe too hard for real ST, but not for Steem Debugger. In any case I don't see why no cracks .
Anyway, manual protection was peace of cake, so it is on DL page now.
Actually, hardest part was work on TT. After some hours spent I found the reason:  bug in game !  It may sound as nonsense, but it is 100% sure. The bug appears when you go straight in Championship, without training. Then on TT starts not. The reason is not set variable in that case. On ST(E) it causes not visible problem, but on TT with only 2MB ST RAM it freezes. Explanation is different bus error handling of TT and ST. ST will not give bus error if try to access not-existing RAM between  0.5 MB and 4MB, but TT does. I fixed this bug, but sure that there is more game involved...