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joystick mapping?
« on: 25-01-2011, 20:25:53 »

I suspect this may have been asked many times before but here goes.As you know many games use the space bar for things like bombs,for instance Flying shark,xenon to name just 2.So the scenario is, i find myself sitting at home,ste on the floor[attached to tv]joystick in hand and foot,yes FOOT,perched over the space bar and in a moment of tension FOOT develops cramp and......premature end of game.I look down at joystick and see unused spare button and somehow something seems wrong with the world.This is a real case scenario btw

So, i find myself playing a nice modern system in Gamex coupled with my 1980"s Foot.You see the issue here.Anyway is there any way of mapping that extra fire button by software or hardware to that space bar and put my 1980"s foot to pasture?

I feel that there have been many great additions to the atari st but the humble joystick appears to have been left behind.I am aware of the adaptation of ps1 pads but for the purists it will always be a joystick

I hope you enjoyed my little narrative :)

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Re: joystick mapping?
« Reply #1 on: 26-01-2011, 15:50:10 »
There is one problem with it:  regular joystick port on ST has only 1 fire button support. 2 fire buttons work only if joystick is connected to mouse connector ! Sounds silly ? Well - it is how ST is designed - saving every cent, every little line, pin. Only 2 buttons total are supported: mouse 2 is equal to joystick 1 (connected parallel).
So, to have 2 fire button working you need to move away mouse and put joystick in it's port.
More problems with games:  need to change code. It may be too hard and too much time consuming. IKBD sends packets for joystick, mouse and keyboard actions in different ways, so to map from space to fire button 2 (what is in fact mouse button 2) would require some bigger interventions, changes. Plus, in some cases it is practically impossible. If there is command to disable mouse (usual by shooting, fighting games) mouse button 2 will become dead.
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