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Hi there, it's about Day of the Viper - I'd like to know if you could provide a feature that allow you to move from the keyboard (either on keypad or with the 4 arrows). The game is only mouse-controlled. I finished it a long time ago with a cracked version but wouldn't mind to play it again with this enhancement. It already plays from hardrive btw.

The game is not very popular but I think it'd worth it - gameplay is quite good; with such improvement, it'd be even greater. Also (and in case you'd be interested),  just  a 'standard' patch if possible (ie, no gamex stuff). I hope I don't ask too much !

Last, the game has a protection; i can provide codes if you need them or the cracked version from which I completed the game (and which bypass the protection) - Thank you.

I already started with Day of the Viper somewhere in February, but did not finish because other activities.  I think that adding arrow controls for movement will be not so hard. 
Codes would be good - may help in breaking protection. I have STX image, and will use it instead some crack - it is more reliable source indeed.
Why you want "standard patch" instead gamex one ? Not good to have possibility to save gamestate at any moment ?  :)
In any case, I will do floppy version too, I think.

Hi Petari, that's good news, thank you ! To be honest, I'm not a big gamex fan as I don't have a real Atari (only use Steem, remember?  ;)) so savestates are already included. Moreover, Gamex patches works via image which is 250/500mb if I'm not wrong + you need to install it on hard drive before you can play, etc. So I mean, It's a bit much for just one game. I prefer Haga - just run and play  :). I understand you provide Gamex patches for people with have real hardware, I'm just speaking for myself who play with emulator. It's up to you, I would already be greatful if you could provide keyboard movements - with mouse, it's a bit tedious !

I've only found these codes; it's not very easy to use them :

I do only HAGA in last 3 years. It is partially Gamex based, so I though that you don't want it.  The things are that when need to make some modifications in game HAGA is usually easier than pure mod of game's exec. And as you said, it is easy for usage in emulators. But will do floppy version too, for case that someone want to play so modded game on real Atari without hard disk.

... So keyboard controls wasn't possible then ? I have tested your adaptation... code is too lame if I understood properly. Requires too much work (time) to make modifications probably ? After all this time waiting for a patch, well a bit disappointed obviously, but I may conceive the challenge isn't worth it.

Or perhaps you simply forgot about this post (or worse, ignored it...)  >:(

Well that's ok  ;) the keyboard omission for the movements is a bad move, kills the gameplay a bit. 


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