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Software / Re: Brides Of Dracula
« Last post by Petari on 06-11-2016, 10:30:09 »
Worse than pest, you are Budapest  ;D
Not much time currently for games. Did already Bond game, but need to test it on real HW first. Some other titles drag over month, so must finish them too ...
Software / Brides Of Dracula
« Last post by ataricrypt on 04-11-2016, 19:12:04 »
4th request Peter (sorry if I'm a pest!!)

News / Re: You learn every day something new
« Last post by ataricrypt on 04-11-2016, 17:57:37 »
Just seen that thread. I really don't get it...
Shame, and I hope you all manage to sort out whatever the problems are over there :(
Software / Narco Police
« Last post by ataricrypt on 04-11-2016, 16:40:21 »
News / Re: You learn every day something new
« Last post by Anemos on 03-11-2016, 21:43:15 »
Remember that we embrace the biggest chunk of the atari scene, who cares for the negative minority ..
« Last post by ataricrypt on 29-10-2016, 19:43:33 »
Software / After The War
« Last post by ataricrypt on 29-10-2016, 15:39:09 »
I see floppy downloads but nothing for hard drive... Am I going blind? lol
Great game this, shocked it's not adapted for hdd/UltraSatan.

Cheers, Steve
News / You learn every day something new
« Last post by Petari on 09-10-2016, 12:00:42 »

So, I learned for me new English word: "nefarious" :)

He must knowing what he talks - he is who let back D-Bug (pirate crew) on forum, after they were banned.

And I guess that spreading diverse images of copyprotected SW on forum is not nefarious.

But this is year 2016, everything is possible. Just not being honest and fair :(

As Dal is member of this forum, he is free to come here and explain whole thing.
Opposite is not possible - they allow not people to write there own opinion.
Not that he will do it. Just an arrogant prick, who has low knowledge, and worse, even thinks not what writes.
Software / Re: Adaptation of games continues ..
« Last post by munchy on 04-10-2016, 19:45:40 »
Hi Peter,Thank you for super off road,we have spent many a happy hour playing super sprint.
Great stuff!
General chat / Re: RSS feeds
« Last post by Petari on 08-09-2016, 18:57:14 »
I do adaptations in pretty much diverse intervals in last year. And that will be so in near future, I think. There is not much quality games left. Main problem is testing, and I don't see that except couple people occasionally there is some interest, volunteerism about that. I did nice game Obitus 90-95%, but need to play some hours to reach point when it will ask for disk 2, so can test is floppy change code OK. And that just fits not in my current daily scheduling.
Some coordination of work is necessary, otherwise all is on me. And that's just not efficient.
I don't see that most of people is aware about how much time some game's adaptation may need. In rare cases it may be really fast, but I am now at fact that lot of problematic ones and test demanding ones waits better times, better contributions.
Sorry, but I don't see what RSS feed could improve in current situation.
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