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Software / Re: Another request
« Last post by tophe38 on 18-05-2016, 08:25:08 »
Nice  :)

Maybe, after your fix mega lo mania, maybe you could add Populous (1 & 2) ?

Software / Re: Partitionning IDE slave
« Last post by tophe38 on 18-05-2016, 07:35:44 »
Hi Peter,

Here a photo about this IDE to double CF adaptor :

There is a jumper for which slot is master.

When both CF have partition, everything is Ok.  Your driver shows both CF and partition, and both are available on desktop.

But your partition tool don't seems to recognize slave.
(Ok, it's steem, but same on real hardware).

Software / Re: Mega-lo-Mania
« Last post by krupkaj on 18-05-2016, 01:02:50 »
I played till 3rd epoch without problem. I really like the game.
Software / Re: Mega-lo-Mania
« Last post by Petari on 17-05-2016, 18:39:26 »
Good morning  :)  Let me know how it worked - I did not have time for any serious testing, and luckily was no need to deal with ingame saves/loads because password system. Game is really nice.
Software / Re: Partitionning IDE slave
« Last post by Petari on 17-05-2016, 18:37:07 »
That's strange. What is exact type of that double CF adapter (if possible to see) ?
For now I recommend to put that card in master slot and partition.  Partitioning self will not affect anything considering where will card be used - same for master and slave.
That's usual way of mounting partitions - after partitions on Master partitions from Slave will be mounted, in order. And max total 14 of them, because TOS can not handle more.
Software / Re: Another request
« Last post by Petari on 17-05-2016, 18:31:06 »
Good games indeed. Some from your list I already started, but not much time currently.
Software / Re: Mega-lo-Mania
« Last post by krupkaj on 16-05-2016, 21:21:47 »
Thanks for the patch! Now I have to play it through the night  ;D
Software / Partitionning IDE slave
« Last post by tophe38 on 16-05-2016, 17:42:54 »
Hi Peter,

I have an IDE interface plug into my Atari STE (French, 2 Mo, Tos 2.06).
I'm using a IDE -> double Compact flash adaptor.
Your driver see both master and slave CF.
Slave CF has no partition. So, i'm using your tool to partition it, when I'm clicking on Slave, nothing happens : No refresh.
If I click on master or ASCI (I don't have ACSI device), refresh occurs, but clicking on Slave do nothing.

My version is u1.3.

Note: If I insert a slave CF with partition, slave's partitions are append to Master partitions list.

Software / Another request
« Last post by tophe38 on 16-05-2016, 11:19:16 »
Hi Peter,

Please, would you add to your convertion to HD list, the following games :
- Get Dexter II, the next step of Crafton & Xunk.
- From the same author, Macadam Bumper, old, but cool.
- A nice multi plane simulator call Fighter Bomber.

Also, Crazy Cars II is missing from your webpage, but I can found it in your pre-build 1GB image. But it don't seems to work. It return immediatly to GEM (low res, and blue color). Tested on Atari STE 2MB, TOS 2.06, from IDE CF using your driver.

Edit : Crazy Cars II from your download work correctly, sorry for the mistake.

Software / Re: Bug Report: SuperCars
« Last post by ataricrypt on 11-05-2016, 20:14:36 »
Well, same again. I even set the Ram to 1mb just but same result. The crashing appears pretty random too fwiw..
I've given up and downloaded the Automation menu cd 229. Used your Image Runner and the game plays perfect. Got to track no.9 too, my best game ever lol

Although I must admit to be a little worried why the adapted version fails me. Hope there's nothing wrong with my computer :/

Thanks Peter. appreciate the graft mate.

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