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Software / Re: Mystical
« Last post by Petari on 09-11-2017, 13:26:23 »
Here is new version of Mystical hard disk adapt:
Works not for sure on Falcon and TT, patches for it will be added later. I have no clue how to play it and did not see copy protection yet - it may activate on some later stage . If think that some other trainer opt. may be useful let me know.
Software / Re: Problem with games
« Last post by seblalisse on 06-11-2017, 09:13:46 »

And thanks for Rainbow Islands, it now works on my real Ste. A real good game, i'll test it these days.

Have a good day
Software / Re: Adaptation of games continues ..
« Last post by èné on 03-10-2017, 22:54:55 »
I am testing Iron Lord, french v.

Sadly the game freezes right after you win the wargame part. I wanted to test because of your hack for the maze section but it seems I can't even get there.

I know you put a lof of work in your adaptations and I thank you for that, also that there will always be a chance for a patch to fail (like bad source etc) but as for me I don't think i will test another one (ie start from scrach to see yet again another corrupted game/patch near the end). I've encountered this situation too many times, too much frustrating.

Steem 1.06 2mb
True preservation, error reports / Re: "Bad" games list
« Last post by Petari on 01-09-2017, 09:13:53 »
After the War - there is silly bug with music play at start. Audio track is located on side B of first floppy, so only owners of machines with 2 sided floppy can hear it - what is common practice. But instead of testing readability of side B, they test RAM size in machine, and load music only when it is not 512KB. I thought first that it needs extra RAM, but no - it loads in low 512KB  :)  I fixed it, so music plays on 512KB machines too.
True preservation, error reports / Re: "Bad" games list
« Last post by èné on 01-08-2017, 17:05:22 »
Well another one .. I'm playing Ween the Prophecy (french version) - crack Atari Legend. There's a freeze after opening the door in the stele.

I've tried your adaptation (english version) since the save games are compatible between the two versions. Obviously your version is ok (i could reach the other room). Still it's the english version, I would like a release of the french version. Yet I don't know if it's even possible, all the french versions I tested are corrupted ::) I suppose you need a clean version to work with ???

If by luck you happen to find one, it's one of my requests then ;D tks ;)
True preservation, error reports / Re: "Bad" games list
« Last post by èné on 29-07-2017, 00:22:32 »
If I may add few more titles :

Bad Brew Crew 29 Dragon Breed:  - crash in the last level (6th) if both 2 flying snakes are displayed at the same time - you can avoid the crash by quickly killing one of them  :)

Pompey Pirates 20 Interphase:  crash in the last level (where else ? :) ) in vault 7 if you read the message - otherwise the crack is ok

Pompey Pirates 108 Robocop 3: freeze (black screen with plenty numbers) : somewhere in part 3 'The Church' just after the message saying 'Lewis was murdered' - again, you can avoid the bug if you know how

Elite crack Secret of Monkey Island (french version): freeze in the prison (with Othis)
Software / Re: Mystical
« Last post by ataricrypt on 11-07-2017, 10:16:52 »
Thanks Peter. Appreciate your efforts, as always.
Software / Re: Mystical
« Last post by Petari on 11-07-2017, 10:12:56 »
It needs re-release, I guess. Was troublesome, with lot of timing problems.
Software / Re: Sabre Team
« Last post by ataricrypt on 10-07-2017, 20:34:20 »
Just as an update,
I've been playing this for a couple of hours tonight. All seemed good. It's not crashed and plays very well, now that I've learned how to play it better. I also tried loading/saving my progress and all okay - a pleasure to have on hdd. Thank you for your work here. (I still suck at this game!) :-)
Software / Mystical
« Last post by ataricrypt on 09-07-2017, 20:41:33 »
Hi all/Peter,
is anyone having trouble running Mystical on Atari STe. Mine is 4mb / TOS 1.62 / Ultrasatan / HDDriver

I'm getting blank screens and it often freezes when it's supposed to load the next level.
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