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News / Something from troed at exf :
« Last post by Petari on 06-12-2018, 18:20:10 »
Well, exf would be exxos forum, or rather ex forum for me  :)
I just dug out one of rare troed posts, which could show for what he was interested:

"Charge a license fee? I.e, allow others to burn but they'll have to send money to you. Just distribute your changes as a binary patch and you''re even legally clear regarding copyright ...
That way you'll have to spend less time burning EPROMs and visiting the post office yourself.
(I could do the Swedish market for example)"

Nice example how people coming out with ideas without enough knowledge about subject, without asking how it is assembled for instance. And of course, I always getting messages, mails when people smells money  :)
First the simple thing : how could I be able to see how many copies troed sells ?
Copyright is complete nonsense in this case. No one cares for it in case of 30 years old abandonware. Plus, people already paid license for TOS when bought Atari. What I charge is only for my work, not whole TOS . Is it patch, or reassembled whole TOS doesn't matter.
And it is not patch, since I reassembled complete TOS, with good optimizations, which decreased size of original code some 8-10%. That is a must to have space in 1.04 for extra code. 
I think that I need to put more accent on that 'not patch'   .
Some people surely know about it - I did it some 8-10 years ago, and called it TOS 1.26 (were same talk that it's not good numbering, but here point is on something other).
Why I come with this now ? Because Thorsten Otto accused me at German Atari forum that I used his TOS 2.06 sources for it.
So, I need to proof that it's incorrect, and he performed in fact criminal act - because false accuses are crime, and in Hungary for instance sentence can be even prison.

So, I will now give guide how to make combo of TOS 1.04 and 2.06 . Everyone can test it, and see that it is possible without any sources of TOS 2.06 and even sources of 1.04 .

I made quick mod of my RAMTOS.PRG for this purpose. Get at:
Just run TOS exec after depacking all files in same DIR. Source (rushed mod for purpose) is included. Will get TOS 1.04 IMG file, what runs not at usual $FC0000 but at $E00000 - can check in Steem. Min 1MB RAM. Now I gotta go to real life ....

So, to run TOS 1.04 at different address than original, relocation is enough. However, because TOS coders from some reason did not made it simple - like complete GEMDOS part in 1 section, then AES, Desktop and end - they split GEMDOS part in 2 section, between them is begin of AES. That makes combining with 2.06 little harder, because GEMDOS part can not fit before AES (what starts at higher loc in 2.06m but not enough high for whole GEMDOS.) .  So, we need to reassemble TOS 1.04, only GEMDOS part, so that second section go to address where second section of TOS 2.06 starts. Btw. in that section is, right at start AES start address. And after it font definitions and like.

Here is ASM listing for those who can follow it. There are some useful comments in:
It's from year 2009. It is ready to combine with totally not modded AES/Desktop part of 2.06, so no need for any sources of it.

Guide how to do combining with HxD hex editor.

First you need to assemble supplied source file T126M2.S with Devpac3 . Optimizations all off.
Note easier way, relocating is not good enough, because mentioned splitting of GEMDOS part in 2 section ... will see what I talking about lower.

Will get file T126M2.TOS (need to enter that filename in Control menu). Must get exact length of 93084 bytes. For those for who assembling is problem here is it:
Now start HxD and open T126M2.TOS in one window, and TOS206UK.IMG in other (262144 bytes) - where to get it ? Use google ...
Filename may differ, of course.
Cut of first $1C bytes at start of 126's Window ... - I will use shortenings, and hex number format in further text.
That's TOS header, and we don't need it.
Start Search, Hex values, enter 87654321 to search . Fourth hit, at address $13D44 is what we looking for. Select backwards at it until beginning (where must be value $602E, length of selection must be $13D44 - Ctrl. + C (copy) . Now go in second window, where 2.06 is loaded, and paste (without insert) from start (0) , same length . With it, first section of GEMDOS is copied.
Next step is copy of second section, to address (relative) $32572 - that will replace TOS206 GEMDOS second section.
So select in window of 126 section from pos $13D44 until end. Length must be $2E3C. Copy it to pos $32572 of TOS206 window.
Maintaining same length of date in (so must select that len $2E3C starting at $32572, and then press Ctrl. + V (paste) .
With that 2 steps we mixed TOS 1.04 and 2.06 without need to change binary code of 2.06 at all.

Save it with name T126UK.IMG - length must be 262144 .  And you can try it in Steem . Will see 2.06 Desktop, but it may run some games which fail in original TOS206 - because GEMDOS part is as in 1.04 , so more compatible.
Software / Thorsten Otto caught in lie
« Last post by Petari on 05-12-2018, 09:57:13 »
This is more for people speaking/understanding German, but is very interesting, and sad - how deep some can go ...,14845.0.html

In short, he accused me that I want to sell something - SW, where I used his C sources. without crediting him.
But he should read my post above his, where I clearly said that all is done in ASM . Not to mention that he has sources for TOS 2.06 and 3.06, while I did it with TOS 1.04 and 1.62  ;D

OMG, I can't believe how this is stupid. I hope that Johannes - admin of German Atari forum will look it better, and will not make some judgement in rush.

I gave some + details in further text, as additional proof how using his sources was not possible actually. Like - I did not use C compiler, but assembler SW called Devpac 3   :)
And I can put online my ASM sources at any time ....

News / Re: What happened at exxos forum
« Last post by Petari on 02-12-2018, 19:59:17 »
I will now publish my e-mail to exxos:
The thread:

You are welcome to register here and express your opinion, to answer on my claims there, to explain what you did and why, and so on.  That's what I call fair treatment, unlike what AF people and you did - banning member and with it cut all further talk (surely, that costs least time) . I don't like unfinished talks and shallow opinions, based on partial facts.

Just to add that it is much more than conflict between two of us. You got partial answer already in some my PMs written months ago, which you elegantly ignored (I'm sure you did not understand what and why wrote what wrote)

The fact that I spending so much time means that I still respect you. But yuo have so much to learn.

Just a short quote from thread (it's in bold there):
This is not trade - you can not expect from me that will skip over your unfairness just because you did in past something for me.

   Regards, Peter
News / Re: What happened at exxos forum
« Last post by Petari on 02-12-2018, 19:47:00 »
And more soap opera :  (did I just invent 'soapblogforum' - SOBLUM ?   ;D )
Our brave exxos banned me additionally on IP address - what is attempt to prevent someone to even just read forum posts.
What to say ? He could in that time add credit for mentioned my diagram in IDE thread. That would be more fair and not waste of time - because you just can not prevent someone to access some forum as reader, unless you need to log in, even for reading posts.

Ah, and just as wrote in my goodbye post: it's deleted now. I hate that I'm always in right !  ;D  But I have it here, right at my heart  :D , pardon hard disk.

E-mail time: I will send him link to this thread. And maybe invitation to join here and express his opinion. I promise that will not ban him unless he starts to break law. I'm immune to insults, btw.  I'm totally serious now.

P.S. usual 'opinion', I would rather say excuse among Atari forums admins, moderators is that I can not deal with people.  I even said once at AF that yes, that's true, but only when we add word 'some' - so 'can not deal, communicate with some people'.  Shine example of such is troed.  I worked on field, in my shop over 20 years - repairing TVs, computers. Was in thousands of homes, dealt with thousands of people. All it went fine and fair in about 98% cases. People still recognizes me and says that I repaired their TV some 30 years ago . Of course, there were some very bad situations with idiots. Just to not finish this post with word 'idiots' : have a nice rest of weekend, and even better working week folks  :)
News / Re: What happened at exxos forum
« Last post by Petari on 02-12-2018, 08:25:39 »
Unfortunately I need to add here some things, despite it was not my intention to write here so much about. Because exxos continues to write and accuse (by his words: insult) me in thread where I said that will no post there anymore + banned me . Yes, that's what they like - to be able to hear only their version. + they don't care what other members of forum really think - imagine that there someone will write that is on my side ?
So, I will write here my side, and I dare to say the real description of things, I hope this will be last.

exxos: "Unfair ? Your joking ? I have done nothing but help and defend you even on AF. Thats is probably the largest insult you can give to me considering what I have done for you. So thanks for that! "
First of all, unfairness happened really, but he will not mention concrete case, of course. It is true that he defended me in many cases. So did Techie Alyson, Dal at AF earlier. But at the end both of them were involved in bannings. It's all about some manners, how people from different countries arguing and like. I can understand that someone from England expects different way that we used here in East Eu.  But can not force us to become Englishman just because forum lang. is English.  Well, I did not break any forum rules. All what I did was that pissed off some smartheads because I claimed that I know it better. And I did, in 99% cases.
This is not trade - you can not expect from me that will skip over your unfairness just because you did in past something for me.

Another unfairness, just reminded on it because thread popped up:

There is diagram with text "Required IDE timing" at top. Exxos used it without crediting me, even filename and concrete content is 100% same as on my site. I spent couple hours (1-2) to make it looking good - not that simple to make diagrams in draw program. Even if I drawn only lower, Atari ST part.
Surely he used my other references and knowledge, yet, for him I'm good only for SW. I was actually one of pioneers in making Atari ST HW add ons.  The reason is his shallowness and vanity ...

I will write here, for the end, part of what I wrote him in PM: "I know more about computers than you and TF together" . He took it as heavy insult. I stay behind that claim. And of course, where is insult in that ? Being smarter is not it, saying truth is not. Even if it would be incorrect, that is then mistake, not insult.  The real insult is actually that he is convinced that he know HW much better than me - he will not say it straight, but all his acting shows that .
Even if it is clear that is not - everyone with little better knowledge can see it after looking in his posts.
Exxos, come down from high horse, learn some things about human relations. Grow up, you are not that young anymore.
Knowing own limits is one of most valuable knowledge .
News / What happened at exxos forum
« Last post by Petari on 02-12-2018, 00:15:18 »
Edited at Dec. 04 2018.
I was on idea to clean up this whole thread, but that can wait. I will now put latest "news" on top.  The reason is longer post of exxos :

Dec. 16 :

Quote from my message to one Atari fellow:

"Considering exxos's very private forum - yes it is it - all for selling his stuff. You probably know that I'm not there anymore. Of course, my goodbye post, where I explained the reasons is deleted, and exxos will say that he is banned me. As it is always with bad admins.
I was SW moderator there - he just asked me to join, because needed someone experienced in programming for that pos. About 13 Months ago. But truth is that I was not happy with that forum. SW section was not much active.  Actually, most of it there is about HW, some really low level knowledge HW stuff - like fixing PCB design errors. Exxos started game section about half year ago, and I think that it was done poorly. Look just section rules text.  SW section was half past dead when I left, game section was dead (I started last 2 threads there - Whitewater Madness and New Atari ... - I did put there only link to atariage thread . Before it, last thread was started in July !
Believe me, even myself surprised seeing now how long it was dead.  And for sure, exxos did not like that my link to atariage. But that was when I barely posted in exxos forum, lost complete motivation and interest - and most important, I realized what is purpose of that forum. Instead PM-ing me, some talk, he just deleted 4 my constructive posts in TOS version related thread (and I'm who deals with TOS most of all Atari people in last years).   Long story, I said him how unfair all it was, and that I'm out, unless he sincerely apologizes.
This is how I do things:  going in details, giving long explanation if needed, not rushing - all it needs time, like adapting games.
 I just can not watch passively how exxos using people to make his sales better, to feed his ego. "

And I must say:  exxos is not my enemy. He is enemy of democracy, of fairness, of constructive thinking, of giving credit to people who made hard work and invented something new. Because he is just not on level of doing self even some
PCB design without 6 revisions until it will be error-free (I have here his 15 boards, all with such errors - surely I did not waste time with that, I do much more advanced things).

Dec 06, early hours:
And I just realized something extremely painful. really. While looked my WEB page about my TOS improving.  There is version called 1.43 - TOS 1.04 for accelerators with 68020/30 CPU. May be with (1) too and other changes. For ST, Mega ST . And that is what I published at Exxos forum, and he was happy to see it.  And some 4-5 months later, he just deleted my posts in TF530 thread, where I talked that modded TOS 1.04 could be used too with his accelerator.  Yes, this sounds so surreal, but it happened (I have no proof, did not record it, really did not expect such treatment after my hard work) . Conclusion: exxos is extremely shallow, ungrateful, forgets things, no wonder he asking help in trivial problems.  Just go lower, to embolden text, and will see his "life philosophy" ...
Dec 06 forenoon (my local time)
Just has been attacked by my old 'friend' C.J. he posted more in 2 hours than in whole year at atariage ST section. I seen strange thing after he edited his post - no trace of it, as is usual when for instance I edit - then there is at bottom sign of it with time of editing. Does he have some special status there ?  Possible. In any case, if I will be banned there soon (in couple days) you know the answer.

Dec. 04 :
Now, imagine how fair is to expose his version in front of whole Planet (that's Internet) so, that other side is prevented to reply, to expose his version of what happened (what would be me, of course).
So, I will use Internet to fill that 'gap' - smiley should go here, but no mood for .  People always should judge after listening both sides.
And, he will have his forum members to stay on his side (what a shock), I will do all alone.

"I never had a problem with him until more recently. I had been talking to him for years in private about many projects. Guy seemed fine to me, never personally had any issues with him. I wanted to keep developers together and clearly he was being outcast and frankly being antagonised by other people which wasn't helping. While he has done a lot of work, to much bad blood with people over the years and I wanted people to have a fresh start here. "

Yes, problems with him started some months after I joined forum, as SW moderator.  Developers together ? There were no many SW developers at exxos forum. Actually, I see only myself as seriously doing that. Some serious ones jumped in with couple messages like guy who leads EmuTOS project, Blank Vector .
I was disappointed by exxos's really low level of knowledge - he posted some really trivial problems:
And not only in SW, but in HW too. Then, all those cat videos, diverse fun things in chat section and like. Now the Xmas theme ... No, this looks more like some warehouse where owners try to attract people with diverse 'candy' .

"Unfortunately things have started to degrade over the past few months ( I think he has life/home related issues) to the point where he seems to be having a mental break down or something. Hes making really bad choices with moderation, and abusing members in PM, including myself, talking to him is a waste of time now. If people want to be a idiot or not follow simple rules, then they get banned. We was more than fair with him but patience runs out eventually. Being a contributor may well buy someone a little more freedom than other people, but it does not give anyone a free pass to being a ass! So the the sake of my sanity and others, I just had to ultimately ban him.

Yeah, forum degraded, exxos degraded, I sent him some very polite PMs about life, retro computing which were totally ignored. Sent him PM in which said that was not good idea to talk about low sales during summer, because it may be understood as his main concern are the sales. He even did not read it carefully, and got offended - that would be "abusing in PM" . So, I was actually offended, because ignoring my PMs, not even replying that no time, don't understand ...  Yeah, I wrote couple PMs to troed and said him clearly that is asshole. There are threads where it is well visible. Will not waste time and space to even put link here. Let's stay at his greatness, exxos  :)
And later part of quoted is just twisting the facts. If you want me to follow the rules, then I expect that others follow them, and admin self in firs place. Troed was extremely unpolite in many cases, but that was OK for exxos. Exxos deleted my posts, then attacked me (not complained) how I dare to delete post of moderator - I said: you deleted my 4 moderator posts.   And that was when I said him that I will not stay on forum unless hi sincerely apologizes. And this 'sincerely' is very important. That means that he needs to realize his mistakes, unfairness, shallowness ... If nothing changes in his mind, attitude no sense to stay there.  I just refuse to be threaten as some problematic person, because I'm not. I worked with people over 20 years, on field, was in thousands of homes, and in 98% cases all it was fine in conversation, with money (they paid my work right after was finished) and so on.
That about ban is ridiculous - I clearly said that I'm out in now deleted post, but I recorded it:

"{Goodbye good people}
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{Post } by {Petari} » Sat Dec 01, 2018 2:16 pm
My last post here. Which will be deleted most likely.
Leaving this forum because exxos acted unfairly. And btw. this was really not much interesting for me in last months.
SW section is semi dead, game section dead. I'm not interested to read or discuss about PCBs, power supplies and other. "

I copied here as page save looks with simple editor, so can see some additional data . 

Exxos just thinks that all we are sheeps and he is the master of cattle. No I'm not cattle, and never will be. He banned me because was pissed off with my huge disrespect for him, what I clearly expressed. That ban, later ban on IP address (now removed - why ?) are so lame. And "just had to ultimately ban him."  - twisting of facts. He wants to present it as I wanted to continue there, to bicker and like.
I clearly said in public that I'm out, and why.

"He has caused me a great deal of stress this weekend and made me very angry, and I quit AF (and other groups) to get away from all this type of crap, so I am just not tolerating it here. We gave him a good chance, which I do not regret, the thing I really regret is we have lost a contributor to the community. But he ( and indeed some others) never learn that sometimes the best solution to a problem is to shut the hell up! Hence violating one of our moderator rules in keeping peace, hence his demotion. "

More twisting. And he went so low that reported me to AF team (who he despises) - after my PM before 'war' started, where I said in confidence some things - just as some revenge because my disrespect. Now disrespect is at least 2x bigger. 
Truth is that all I wanted was to place there advert for selling Falcon 030 . I even did not put it on exxos forum - could do it week ago or sooner, but forum is visited by narrow circle of people. Although, AF shows signs of abandoness pretty much. Even ijor went to exxos (or he had conflict with AF team too ?) .

"shut the hell up!"  - yeah, that 'solves' everything  ;D  Putting problem under carpet solves nothing, only hides it for some time, and after it it will be just worse, and you will need to solve all accumulated ones. And that's just happened there ... My recent move has nothing with it.
Actually, I had first problem with him some 3-4 years ago, when he without any consultation with me designed and ordered about 20 PCBs for my design: ACSI-CF adapter. That's actually my design for which most people was interested in purpose of manufacturing. I made driver SW, tested it well - look page about on my site:
Of course, interest was because it can be manufactured for little money - few, cheap components.
But his PCB design was failure, and he sent me some 10 of it + some components that I make it working. I explained him why PCB design is bad - main problem is that it causes signal distortion because lines are too close each to other, many crossings and like (longer story). He was pretty much deaf, and even called in public my design bad. Even it several people made it with success.  Whole thing went under carpet. What made me not happy, but life goes on, and instead investing my time in it I turned to other things.

"For peter its always whos right or wrong, I honestly don't care about such things. We should help each other out, and if issues get solved, then all is good. There's no need to argue whose solution is better or got the job done faster. The journey counts for something as well! "

OMG ! Is it a joke ? He just wants to journey in some happy group of people (where he would be boss, of course  :) ) . Does not matter is someone paid for it, or not - all we are same and happy ...  Just pathetic !    And I finish for now.  So, he clearly admits that don't care who is right, who is wrong. That may be explanation why so many stupid posts from him appeared.  In other words, he refuses to credit people who solved problems - because only those who are right can do it - ah I need to bold previous sentence  :)
P.S. and something I just realized: it is disregarding of people's work, effort. Because results, being right come not (only) because someone is smarter, has higher start knowledge, but because time, effort, sometimes money invested in it. But no, exxos doesn't care, and want to threat all it same ... I saw that shit many times in my not short life ... Ungrateful opportunist, who cares only for money, some benefits, and own fame. Now it is so clear, and his low knowledge has explanation. I can't resist:  exxos, if you want journey, go to Hell   ;D  Oh, that was so rude and offending  :) Let him whine and find another reason to attack, demolish me. Humor is what keeps me sane last 2 weeks, after some people close to me took 3000-3000 Euros from me and my brother.

Added at 4. Dec. 2018, 6.00 PM:   And what a shock !  Exxos deleted all posts except first, and locked thread where announced new SW moderator, and from which I quoted above (that was about 4-th post in that thread).  Well, it seems that him, or someone close to him follows this. Or just because there were some replies he don't like.  Yeah, Internet can be good thing, if you know how to use it  :)

To be continued ...

Older posts:

So, exxos suddenly accepted new member, gave him complete new section called "terriblefire accelerators". Was couple weeks ago.
TF is Amiga guy, with low Atari knowledge. Wants to expand his business toward Atari ST family.
I'm not interested for accelerators, so did not read his posts and related. Only in one case when was talk about what TOS version is needed for TF530. I posted there some question about support for TOS 2.06 in ST machines, since TF said that 68020/30 accel. can work only with TOS 2.06 . What is not entirely true. So, I wrote correction - and I guess that he did not like it.  And little later we could read one of biggest stupidity written ever in some computer forum:  TF said than thinks that TOS using self modifying code  ;D  Yeah, sure, self modifying ROM  :D
I pointed on it, in polite manner. But all my posts there (about 4) were soon deleted, despite all I wanted to help him, and I'm TOS and ST HW expert. And were very much topic.
Little later exxos said that he suggested deleting 'posts which made confusion there' .  I would rather say that they did not like that I know it better, and for sure realized how stupid was that self modifying TOS, so best to remove all traces (deleted TF's post too, of course).

But the real problem started after I deleted TF's pretty much off-topic post in SW section, where I was moderator. He immediately wrote to exxos, claiming that I did it in spite.  I admit that it was partially because I wanted to test exxos how will react on it. And he reacted heavily, ignoring totally my PM, what I posted little earlier. Among other crap he said that is not nice and common to delete post of moderator. I replied that I just followed example of forum admin (exxos) who recently deleted some 4 posts of moderator (me). He threaten that will remove me from moderator status, and I said that then I'm out of that forum totally.  Forum became more and more uninteresting for me. SW, game sections pretty much inactive, practically dead. Actually, there are some 15-20 people there who make most traffic, mostly some HW activity, like assembling ST remake, with zillion posts about progress in it.
So, I posted my last farewell post there, and really don't want(ed) go back there. Mostly because unfair threatment.
I wrote then last PM to exxos, where I talked about his low level of knowledge - yes, imagine how I felt reading his really shallow Mega STE review, where he talked about minimal speed gain in compare to 8 MHz ST(E) machines (like 5%), while it is actually about 60-70% in average. And some other things, examples. That pissed him, and banned me (after lame and incomplete removing of moderator status).

Yes, another case of big ego, shallowness, using forum for sale increase (he even opened once thread about lower sales in Summer period) .
Despite he coded partially benchmark SW (GB6.x) he made amateurish mistake in tests - like testing speed of diverse CPUs while blitter was on. That's just wrong way to compare CPU speeds, since blitter does most job in such cases. I pointed on it, and did not see that was happy or thankful. I guess that still did not correct his SW and tables of result.
This is how it goes - all for fame, vanity, very little for accuracy. Ignored complete my corrections when talked about how PC floppy is slow. No, it's not slower that ST's floppy - and speed does not depend from computer speed but drive's mechanic. He just could not fix it - it's better to talk stupid blah how Atari is better than PC (in year 2018) .  Now I really stop with this, even if could list more sad examples ...
Software / Re: Downloading 8BitChip (Petari) games
« Last post by kovacm on 22-09-2018, 10:10:20 »
You asked me to make simplified DL page(s), so can DL with some Atari and it's limited WEB browser. I did it. And now you talk about avoiding Win/Mac/Linux ? Forgot Android :-)

Yes, that was step in right direction :)
but Atari is rather slow for even simple webpages.
(this is reason why I propose some kind of push system that is based on internet but not on web.)
e.g. Sqward make great UIP-Tool that relief Atari from work when transferring files from PC/Mac/Linux to ST over NETusBee it would be even greater if UIP-Toll could get Atari games directly from your website to Atari with all needed metadata regarding current state of patch, testing... It would be even better if users could give comments regarding game directly from Atari. All this could exclude using PC/Mac/Linux, you could do everything on your ST - getting game, testing game, leaving comments, getting updates... it would be zillion times simpler then this process:
Petari website > download to PC/Mac/Linux > transfer to ST > getting again on PC/Mac/Linux > Petari website > leave comments (or sending email)

And you are worse than Bill Gates, who was first with idea of pushing SW on people's computers  :o
I would rather said: like Larry Ellison "Do not put software in box! Put it on net!" @1:45 :D

Then, by loading all at once you just lose one of biggest benefits of Internet - alive content, to say so. You will miss updates.
Yes, it is a problem.
(this is second reason why I propose some kind of push system that is based on internet but not on web. Atari game and software is finite database - it is not something that has no end.)

I don't think that there is people who needs to turn on his modern computer just for DL-ing some Atari game.  They are in regular usage - like this - visiting forums, e-mail, DL some movie, serial, online watching diverse stuff (may replace TV), etc.  Couple clicks and you got it.
This is exactly thing that I would like to be true! :) it is not few clicks to got it on Atari! It is few clicks to get it on PC/Mac/Linux and then transfer it to Atari via floppy, CF card or using LAN cable.

The real problem may be that new PCs and Atari are more and more far each from other. No more serial, parallel ports, only USB, LAN. Although, all it is already solved for Atari too - NETusBee for instance . Now with Pen drive support.
You are right.
Software / Re: Downloading 8BitChip (Petari) games
« Last post by Petari on 22-09-2018, 09:26:47 »
You asked me to make simplified DL page(s), so can DL with some Atari and it's limited WEB browser. I did it. And now you talk about avoiding Win/Mac/Linux ? Forgot Android :-)
And you are worse than Bill Gates, who was first with idea of pushing SW on people's computers  :o  I really don't want that way. Just because it is for Atari it means not that I'm interested (for everything). And of course, it will end with spamming. There are ways to advertise new SW at proper places, so I did not miss anything.

Then, by loading all at once you just lose one of biggest benefits of Internet - alive content, to say so. You will miss updates. And that happened many times - I getting error report for game what I updated 5 years ago. Even did not remember it exactly. Checking, looking old versions, when I updated it, and then need to explain to people that maybe DL it again, even if it hurts  ;D  Surely hurts not so much as wasting time for outdated version.
I don't think that there is people who needs to turn on his modern computer just for DL-ing some Atari game.  They are in regular usage - like this - visiting forums, e-mail, DL some movie, serial, online watching diverse stuff (may replace TV), etc.  Couple clicks and you got it. Testing will take much more time.  Well, some with SCSI drives may need more effort to transfer it on Atari, I know.  Still faster than it was in 1988, when I needed to wait 1 week for floppies to arrive.
The real problem may be that new PCs and Atari are more and more far each from other. No more serial, parallel ports, only USB, LAN. Although, all it is already solved for Atari too - NETusBee for instance . Now with Pen drive support.
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