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Software / Re: Downloading 8BitChip (Petari) games
« Last post by Petari on 03-09-2018, 21:55:53 »
I really don't see why should someone DL lot of games at once.  DL those who plan to test, play in next days. Surely will be not able to even start for short more than 100 in one day.
And there happen updates often, so you may miss them if DL all at once.
Software / Downloading 8BitChip (Petari) games
« Last post by kovacm on 28-08-2018, 17:54:11 »
I finaly have time to test games on my Falcon030 but I am not sure how to download 1179 games!
To download one game I need around 8 second but it is very tedious work.

Is it possible to download them in bundle, or should I try wget? :)

Software / Re: Adaptation of games continues ..
« Last post by Petari on 19-08-2018, 10:14:32 »
It would be good if people who own Atari TT could test latest releases, and give some feedback - like posting here about success or problems.
News / Re: You learn every day something new
« Last post by Petari on 02-07-2018, 13:09:14 »
I was just thinking about some bad practices of forum administrators, moderators - in last couple weeks.
They see some discussion, what they can not follow - because lack of knowledge about (mostly technical) subject. Discussion may become heated from diverse reasons, but will not go in it here. Need to calm it down, to warn those not behaving good, to say so. So, how to judge who is right, who is wrong, who is rude, who is polite, who breaks forum rules ?
I will show here and now that they use simple majority criteria: will give right to side in discussion where more people is present. So simple. Some kind of democracy, can even say voting - in completely wrong place.  Knowledge has nothing with democracy. We know that people with high knowledge level is rare. They work often alone. They can do new, useful things.  Majority can not. Sadly, they often vote for bad politicians too. 
Example for AF:  Simbo case - I wrote many times how he claims complete wrong things, with arguments. Over years. But that was me against him 1 vs. 1 . Simbo was later banned there, the real reason was that others realized  how stupid he can be, and then 'democracy' worked. Aided with his arrogance.  But that's not typical case - his stupidities were too obvious.

More typical is discussion with D-Bug or something like EmuTOS team - then all members will jump in thread, of course on side of crew, and that means victory in 'voting' . Who don't like it may write to admin - what I did many times. Was just waste of time. They are not interested in truth, real technical knowledge. They want many members. One less is not big deal, regardless from his knowledge. Who cares for it ? They need cheap fun, talk about useless, fancy things.  How Emutos is great thing ... Really ? Anyone except 5 people of team and other five who using it (in whole Planet) says so ?  Matters not - they have place at AF because they are developers.  Sorry assholes, I'm developer too. And not only it, I'm who cares in developing human relations too. Because they are at level of first, floppy based TOS 1.00 now, in forums  ;D
Software / Re: Day of the Viper - moving via keyboard
« Last post by Petari on 02-07-2018, 09:59:23 »
The complete story is that I wanted to do it couple years ago. I looked into game code then little, and concluded that it will be pretty much hard. So, it was put aside, waiting that I have more free time. What is not rare case, actually all larger projects went that way:
Uridium waited some 2.5 years after disassembling it's code, then took about 2 months of intensive work - what means some 20-30 hours/week. OIDS was less, but still over 100 hours of effective work .
What waited most is TOS impriving. I disassembled TOS 1.04 some 10 years ago, used it for game adaptations. But I seen then some interesting things in code, had idea why TOS hard disk FAT16 is not well solved. and that it should be improved. And that it will be very hard.
Yes, finally, at beginning of this year it was that I had time, winter was good for sitting at home, so I went in it, being not sure that it will be possible doing in ASM, without real source code (C) . I made first some early tests, to see is code able to handle clusters with more than 2 sectors. What is the key of whole thing . And yes, it is able, up to 32KB size . After it, all was on changing 16-bit variable to 32-but, signed integer to unsigned .... etc. I made over 300 changes, took over 2 months of full time work.  And with it have much better FAT16 filesystem,
what takes only little more TOS ROM space,  can access 1 GB partitions, 30 of them, even with less RAM used for buffers.  I think that it was worth of effort.  Especially because doing same in TOS 1.62 was easy - they are practically same.

Yes, I talking here about something what is not game  :) But it will have influence on game playing too. There are many other things planned, solved already for improved TOS . I posted about it on exxos and atariage forums. Not on 'great AF', because they care not for developers, only for ego of some circles.
Back to Day of the Viper:  in June, I finally decided to finish it. Went deeper into code, and realized that I can not make not only keyboard movement control, but even doing usual Gamex/HAGA statesaves and exit to Desktop    is not possible without complete rewrite of game's keyboard input handling code.  And this is very first case that I did not it - after about 1000 games, 10 years. Need to properly disassemble whole code, what self can take days , then understanding many things about input, developing new code ...  Just too much time for one, really not outstanding game.
So, we may consider this as finished, as is. Chances that I will go back to it later are minimal.  There are many other games, doable in much shorter time - like 100x shorter. Not to mention need to work on TOS improvement, new hard disk driver versions etc.
Life is short, can not do everything - we need to choose wisely what is real worth to deal with.
Software / Re: Day of the Viper - moving via keyboard
« Last post by èné on 12-06-2018, 08:29:30 »
... So keyboard controls wasn't possible then ? I have tested your adaptation... code is too lame if I understood properly. Requires too much work (time) to make modifications probably ? After all this time waiting for a patch, well a bit disappointed obviously, but I may conceive the challenge isn't worth it.

Or perhaps you simply forgot about this post (or worse, ignored it...)  >:(

Well that's ok  ;) the keyboard omission for the movements is a bad move, kills the gameplay a bit. 
Software / 2 or more player co op list
« Last post by munchy on 28-05-2018, 12:38:12 »
Hi, I wonder if you guys could help me out with a 2 or more player co op list.

I will start with the ones we play

super sprint and its off road  variant
the chaos engine
skull and crossbones
1943 the battle of midway
sonic boom ?

Thanks for your help
Software / Re: Adaptation of games continues ..
« Last post by èné on 07-02-2018, 16:02:49 »
ah.. I should have noticed something important. At the beginning of each round, there's a 'target hit rate' contract and if you manage to fill this contract, you are awarded of an upgrade to your ship. In other words, if you're penalized because you weren't able to defend your installations (so ship is downgraded by -5), you can regain your abilities by concentrating of the 'target hit rate' stuff (so -5 for for 'poor installations defense rate' but then +5 for 'target hit rate')..  fair enough  :)
Software / Re: Adaptation of games continues ..
« Last post by èné on 06-02-2018, 16:08:37 »
Thunderstrike : the game is hard, really hard and in top of that there's a stupid rule that makes it impossible to succeed in the furthers levels. Basically you have to defend your installations in an arena and destroy the drone generators (which the drones are fired from).  At the end of each round the player will have his performance assessed by the referees; if you managed to defend your installations well enough, the referees apply an upgrade to your ship BUT in case of too many of them were destroyed, they apply a downgrade.. in short, your speed/acceleration/turn rate are either upgraded/downgraded by +5/-5

Needless to say that in the latter levels, you can't defend enough installations and then you get a downgrade everytime (so everytime - 5 to speed/acceleration/turn rate). I'm in level 15, and my ship is starting to be difficult to control due to the malus sanctions

Well that's it, I see that you have made an adaptation of Thunderstrike but there's no trainer (and it's gamex too). I'd like a patch that prevent the referres to apply a downgrade to your ship, it's not even a trainer (no infinite energy, infinite lives..), just a modification to block the downgrade thing. But i don't even know if it's possible.. it's quite a shame beacause the game is quite good if a bit repetitive, still i like the concept
Software / Re: Adaptation of games continues ..
« Last post by èné on 30-01-2018, 13:55:36 »
Unless you rewrite the code I don't think so  ;) Since (it seems) the internal code of the game was rushed (for the st version at least), nothing will help. Still you never know, maybe one day we'll be able to get through this damned maze (and then see the light again) thanks to good image as you said. But as for now we are doomed to darkness  ;D
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