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Software / Re: Adaptation of games continues ..
« Last post by èné on 25-01-2018, 20:19:32 »
TOS is 1.06, ram 2mb, I use Steem 3.2. I've been using these settings from the beginning, it usually works fine.

I do have a save snapshot..

Now I'd like to know what kind of hack you put in the maze ? Since in my test and from what I read here and there, there's no exit in the last level of the maze. So what did you add exactly ? Like an artificial  exit maybe ? Just wondering.. oddly enough I noticed the ST version differs from the other ports, it's the only one in which the maze section has no keys.. maybe because it was the very 1st version

Anyway, the snapshot.. well, if i manage to find the attachment tag.. seems not.. ok, so from external link :

edit : ok forget it..
I don't understand what happened but it seems  I mixed up some versions. I'm pretty sure I did try your adaptation, i just cannot explain what happened. Maybe you have made a new adaptation since then ? Anyway I've just downloaded your adaptation again and the files don't match.. so it's not worth to upload the sts

In the end maybe your adaption is ok, I'm very sorry, cannot explain what went wrong

edit2:P Ok i have tested a bit your version, managed to win the archery contest.. but there are some annoying screens resolution issues (swapping from 60hz to 50), it happens  when you leave a place or a character. Also the horse animation (when you travel in the countryside) doesn't work very well, ie you reach straigh another place (no animation).. so in the end, there are few minor glitches, I prefer to keep the other version. I also noticed that the guy you control in the villages move slower (in your version). Maybe these things happen because of my settings in steem, i don't know, but since i've already completed the game, i won't go any further. Again the wargame-maze transition  might works fine in your adaptation, i feel a bit confused about this.
Software / Re: Adaptation of games continues ..
« Last post by Petari on 25-01-2018, 18:57:39 »
I remember that there were problems with some TOS versions. Can you describe your config in couple words ?
Like TOS version, RAM size, what hard disk driver SW, what exact Atari ST(E) model ?
Problem is certainly not that it does not support modifications - even if some tries it (checksums) it is easy to remove such restrictions.
I remember that I combined it from multiple sources, because there were some corrupted and missing files. But really can not say more at moment. Will need little more time to go in this. If you can post (or e-mail) snapshot (saved gamestate) right before this crash would help a lot.
Software / Re: Adaptation of games continues ..
« Last post by èné on 25-01-2018, 07:24:35 »
Iron Lord - Freezes after wargame part. That game is really buggy.
The cracked version I have works fine, ie no freeze after the wargame part but of course the maze section is unfinished. Maybe the game simply doesn't support any modifications, possibly the image (source) you worked with wasn't ok
General chat / Happy new Year!
« Last post by munchy on 31-12-2017, 13:43:32 »
A happy new year to all and a big thank you to peter for his work again through this year.My ste has benefitted greatly over the years by Peters fantastic efforts.
These games look wonderful through both the framemeister and ossc,enhanced 4:3 indeed

May i wish you all a prosperous and happy new year!!
Software / Little demo proggie for fun
« Last post by Petari on 21-12-2017, 09:14:38 »
Software / Re: Problem with games
« Last post by Petari on 19-12-2017, 12:57:06 »
 I finished both games - Rainbow Island and After the War - partially because both were troublesome and hard.

You may DL After the War again - I think that I updated it once, day-two after first release.
Software / Re: Problem with games
« Last post by seblalisse on 18-12-2017, 15:25:32 »

Hello Mr Petari

I tested Rainbow islands nearly till the end and no problems till there.

I'll try to finish it.

Thanks for your work.

By the way i have a problem with the game After The War, i'll let a post later with details.

Have a good day.

News / Atari Forum Down
« Last post by Petari on 17-12-2017, 12:28:51 »
You will see thread here with same name (subject), only few rows lower. It's started by Dal, one of admins there.
We are at end of 2017, and that forum is down, so low as never before. Not down in technical meaning (not working, inaccessible), but down in social meaning.
So, I just don't want to waste my time there, with total useless talk with egomaniac "clean" programmers, some idiots (Joska) who are even moderators there. And there was case of member acting way over the top. He did criminal act on public forum - threats about physical assault on someones health are actually criminal act. And what happened after that (look, it is irrelevant what caused his madness, and I experienced 1000x worse insults there) - that post was deleted, and he continued with threats, only in less vulgar form. Nothing is deleted. On any normal forum he would be banned forever in minutes. No, at AF you can not ban someone just like that. They need to make conference first. There are some idiot haters there for whom any action against me is OK.  All in all, he, they crossed the line, a thick line. There is no way back.
Then, that thread about EmuTOS - it shows almost all bad what goes there. People jumping in without reading even 5% of written there. They insult heavily (again Joska, + EmuTOS team members) - and no, that's OK. - Double standards, indeed.

I will not waste my breath about that Titanic of forum more. Only can hope that all decent people will leave it soon, and find some better forum(s) - and we have some. It is actually not really Atari retro forum anymore - most active are threads about MISTer and like - FPGA clones. Yes, that is the future, indeed. But there is people who still using old machines, and can keep them alive some time yet.
Software / Re: Mystical
« Last post by Petari on 16-12-2017, 21:43:34 »
Why I have impression that people does not like to test games ? Really not motivating, you know.
Will I deal with this anymore depends from contribution.
Software / Swiftar - very interesting game
« Last post by Petari on 15-11-2017, 21:28:27 »
I'm not big fan of vertical scrolling shooters. So, I was not in mood to hunt game Swiftar until couple weeks ago. I seen it at Atarimania, without download. I wanted to do some simple hard disk adapt, and vertical shooters are usually that. So, I started to search where can DL some crack of it .... And that was actually mistake  :)
From very start it was just trouble after trouble. I found Automation crack. DL-ed that menu disk, and puff - game works not - it freezes when should start play of level 1. Looked more, but nothing on sight online. Then traced it little, and found way to start it. And I actually liked it. Nothing special, but it played well, looked well.  Then came another surprise - after some 10 minutes of play it stopped with message that it is demo, and you can order full version at phone number ....    ;D   Actually, not so surprising, considering small size of files.
In meantime I found exact reason why Automation "crack" (of unprotected SW) works not: they just did not test it after packing main executable of game (it needs that a2-a3=0 at start, what TOS provides at regular start, but SFX depackers not, because that's really rare case) .
Then I  posted request at AF for full game, and Brume posted image of it's crack. Great ! In meantime I found complete demo version on ST Vision 398. What even works without need of debug !
And another bad surprise: full version works only with TOS 1.00 and 1.02 (if you set RAM size properly for dumb test in game) . Joystick read is problem, as in many games. But demo worked on higher TOS versions well. So, full game must be older version.
No signs that someone has some other release, so I went in fixing game for all TOS versions - what was not hard, after I did it couple times with other games.
And I was able to play it finally. And I liked it even more. It is just that levels (waves) are pretty different, and you need some tactics to finish them, not only quick fingers.  I used infinite lives, of course, but it was still damn hard. Used even saving gamestate in middle of levels, because it returns to level start at every death.  After couple days I finished all 10 waves, and found some new bug - in screen drawing (it seems present only in wave 10).
Here must say that this is only game from Accustar, as I see.  Code shows that programmer was not experienced 68000 and Atari ST coder. There are couple stupid bugs and plenty of inefficient code. But, what is most important: gameplay is good, it is challenging, graphic is good.  So, it is worth of fixing bugs, adding trainers ....
I decided to add level skip (after concluding that selectable start level would be very problematic to do), and it is now in latest (probably final) release.  Then decided to increase player's ship speed - because slow movement is one of factors what makes it hard.
Here to add that disassembly of exec was pretty much fast - they used likely same C compiler as coder of OIDS .
So, now we have releases (floppy and hard disk) with following improvements:
Works with all TOS versions - not via some patch, but with improved code.
Level skip option in all 10 normal waves - no sense to skip wave 11.
Unlimited lives option - practically a must if want finish it.
Double player ship speed - very useful. May be little harder on wave 6, but can pass it well.

Hard disk v. :

Floppy v. :

I hope that you will enjoy this little game folks  :)
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