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Software / Retrieve animations included in .prg
« Last post by èné on 13-02-2019, 16:42:28 »
Hi, I was wondering if you could get these 2 animations out of their relative .prg. Both prg inside the zip is Animate (a player for seq and dlt files), one contains a .seq anim (SPIKES), the other one, a .dlt animation (NITESURF). So if possible, extract each animations so that both of them would be in their original format again: SPIKES.SEQ and NITESURF.DLT (and the .PI1 files  that comes alongside it), that would be nice.

Hardware / My final post here about exxos
« Last post by Petari on 18-01-2019, 10:28:48 »
I really don't want to talk for longer about exxos, his forum, what happened there. Here are some threads (rather my blogs) about it.
So, I think that this will be good as my final post about exxos. His posts just talk for self. I don't think that there is need for any comment about his knowledge level.
Quoting most interesting part from it: "I am slightly confused over the CS0 and CS1 signals which are linked to A5.
According to the ATA spec, they are used to select upper or lower 8bit bank select in the drive. Fair enough.. but the CPU has a 16bit bus, so why doesn't the data transfer as a 16bit block ?!
The CPU would actually have to do 2 bus cycles I assume to change the A5 for upper and lower 8bits ? Would seem a bit pointless having a 16bit drive and interface, and yet its looking like its driven as a 8bit device "
Interesting - and all it is written after he 'designed' IDE adapter for ST. Which he did not take effort to test himself. Anyone thinking that what and how he does is totally insane ?
News / Is exxos Englishman ?
« Last post by Petari on 13-01-2019, 19:55:08 »
I was asking self many times about this. But really did not want to pull this question until now ...
Well, everything has it limits . After this:
What one can think about this ? He finished elementary school ?

I can think only this: all those who are buyers are dumb. Those who sell stuff are smart  ;D
Software / Re: More stupid threads by stupid people at AF
« Last post by Anemos on 10-01-2019, 22:39:07 »
Interesting, I thought it would be like this.
I also believe that you like to do this as a hobby because you love it .. ..
something else, you were older, in a atari group, crew ,crackers, or something at 90's periode? or you looked at it later?
Software / Re: More stupid threads by stupid people at AF
« Last post by Petari on 10-01-2019, 08:30:37 »
Really,how many hours needed for one game to adapted?
thinking is differend of any game, well the minimum and the maximum?
Good question. I guess, it is in average about 4-5 hours. Min would be 1, max was about 80 .

But I need to give details, since it consists from many things, and it's not only to 'adapt', but starts with finding good source, and ends with putting it online, and actually never ends, since can get diverse e-mails about problems. Later will be more and more, I guess - because Ataris are very old now.

1. Getting good source - that's usually easy - get STX at Atarimania. But sometimes there is no good source at all available.
  Hard case was Tetra Quest - I needed to combine it from different sources. So, only it can take several hours.

2. Analyzing disk images in purpose to chose which way to use in hard disk adapting - with Steem Debugger
That may be trivial - regular files on disk. Or very hard - some really crazy floppy code, and yes, some are really not normal. Understanding how it works, so can replace with hard disk access. May take hours.

3. Deactivating copy protection. Much easier with Steem Debugger that on real Atari. But may be still very hard. The real problem are delayed protections, which activate in later stages. So, testing is needed.  May need weeks, months in bad situation - of course I don't mean constantly dealing with it, just total time what can pass.

4. Doing concrete code, loader for particular game - that's now basically taking some similar type game (not in gameplay, but considering disk access type) code (S file, as asm source) and changing some parameters, like image size, name. Changing concrete disk access code, adding code for exiting to Desktop, statesaves (mostly keypress detection part), trainers, cheats, start level selection.  May take many hours.

5. Correction possible bugs, incompatible code of games.  Again, lot of testing and many hours may be needed.

6. Publishing it - but that's in my case multiple steps: making screenshots
Making WEB page with them + some text, DL link(s), etc.
Making video of game start, short play. Converting it for YT, upload to YT with necessary txt.
Uploading ZIP file and html page to host, updating MySQL database.
That's again more hours.

Software / Re: More stupid threads by stupid people at AF
« Last post by Anemos on 09-01-2019, 00:02:20 »
Really,how many hours needed for one game to adapted?
thinking is differend of any game, well the minimum and the maximum?
News / Re: Something 'new' here: What happened at AF ? :-)
« Last post by Petari on 07-01-2019, 11:26:22 »
Just to add some more, inspired by recent ijor's words: "I don't reply on personal writings" . Or something in that style.
That's usual blah when you say them something don't like. But what is what is really personal ? Pointing to someone that should update his WEBsite, should publish some DOCs for his creation - Pasti image format in case of ijor. Yes, you know it well - many people asked him for that.

How it can be personal ? Actually, if you want it very much it can be: he is person who deals with it, so it is personal  ;D
So, what I need to do next time, when someone asks me for some SW related thing:  "please don't be personal"  :D

But our hero, ijor did not react on this: "Marcer: don't worry about the hungarian troll. Nobody cares about what he says anyway." - was at AF thread, where list is stolen from my thread at atariage. Worse, moderators at that great forum did not react on it. It was not only personal, but nazi in fact.
That 'nobody cares' may be truth for brainless morons like him, and I guess majority of those active at AF.  But it was presented as universal fact, not subjective opinion - something what was told to me many times - ah yes, by ijor self: "it's your opinion" .
Poor bastard is so deformed, that don't see wood from trees. But that's very common when you are active on bad managed forum, where only praising of members of inner circle is allowed. Ijor will take any constructive critic as personal attack or like, because he forgot how to communicate.
Well, not only one - I can add exxos, Dal, MugUK, and especially GoldRunner (member of AL) . What is common is not accepting any even slight and nicely said critic.  All they are English, MugUK changed his nick from Muguk to that above. Yeah, they are a "bit too proud on their nation", that's what we can see  ;D
As with everything, too much of national pride is not healthy. Sadly, their sickness - and it's present in other areas beside nationalism is contagious, and big part of Atari ST retro people is already infected.
Why I write this ? - to desinfect myself  ;D  Sorry, not good English - I overdone my 'desinfection'  :P
Yes, exxos definitely has no clue how to do even single things - despite all he needs is to look how others solved it.
They need to exchange 100 messages to solve how to add TOS 2.06 support for accelerator, what needs that TOS in ST  :)
Just because exxos has memory like 80 years old demented someone :-)
"I guess GLUE can still decode address zero, assume thats how some hack jobs do it as normally only a single GAL is used. But I guess your PLD would need another IO pin to take CE from GLUE.."
Hack jobs ?  Idiot !
Only a single GAL ? And why it is not enough for TOS 2.06 logic - together with IDE adapter.
How the hell I did it all myself in 1992, without Internet, without army of slaves who need to test his PCB designs and other things.
But why I 'cry' here about it ? At least they have good fun each with other  ;D
Thanks God, I'm out of that miserable place.
Software / Re: More stupid threads by stupid people at AF
« Last post by Petari on 01-01-2019, 13:06:47 »
And more interesting stuff from atarilegend site:
In their Games related links section there is this:
Home of D-BUG
Added on Oct 3, 2003 by

The only active hackers group for the ST. D-BUG (the follow up to the mighty Automation) is so cool!
Interesting is that link self is OK. 'Only active ...' - actually it is well known that they are not active with ST for more than some 8 years. Even Klapauzius was longer active - considering hard disk 'patching' . So much about values of what writes there. Pathetic.

Well, everywhere I look in last time, I can see only deep shallowness - huh ! How cool this sounds  ;D
Poor Atari ST and followers deserves better. Those running forums and sites like AL are braindead.
Software / Re: More stupid threads by stupid people at AF
« Last post by Petari on 01-01-2019, 11:44:04 »
And I will not start new thread here, since there is still same marcer involved . Man with Wrath ! I need bodyguard now . No problem, with all money I earned selling stolen code, I can afford best one !  ;D
December 25, 2018 by Brume - for case it goes lower when something new is added.
"The Replicants present Safari Guns, a French game that was never properly cracked. Orion did a fantastic job and he also multi-trained the game. You now have unlimited lives, but also max points per pictures, level selection, etc.
Also please note the game is now working on Atari Falcon, too! Yes, it has been tested on the bird machine and it works like a charm!"
Yeah, that's what we need - big noise, lies, exclamation marks . We are the best, fuck the rest ! That summarizes best their life attitude.

Well, I made little test, combined with self promotion  ;)
Posted this text in atarilegend NEWS - I guess it needs approval, since did not appear immed. Will see will appear ever ? :
"I have some news
That would be over 1200 games adapted for hard disk run (and that includes removing copy protection, patching code, running then in special TOS 1.04 modded for run from RAM and many other things - like Falcon and TT support).
It was thousands and thousands of hours of work. Many of it is well tested, and there is column for showing it.

Section with floppy versions:

Happy New Year Atari fellows :-)
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