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Title: You learn every day something new
Post by: Petari on 09-10-2016, 12:00:42
http://atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=104&t=28003&start=100 (http://atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=104&t=28003&start=100)

So, I learned for me new English word: "nefarious" :)

He must knowing what he talks - he is who let back D-Bug (pirate crew) on forum, after they were banned.

And I guess that spreading diverse images of copyprotected SW on forum is not nefarious.

But this is year 2016, everything is possible. Just not being honest and fair :(

As Dal is member of this forum, he is free to come here and explain whole thing.
Opposite is not possible - they allow not people to write there own opinion.
Not that he will do it. Just an arrogant prick, who has low knowledge, and worse, even thinks not what writes.
Title: Re: You learn every day something new
Post by: Anemos on 03-11-2016, 21:43:15
Remember that we embrace the biggest chunk of the atari scene, who cares for the negative minority ..
Title: Re: You learn every day something new
Post by: ataricrypt on 04-11-2016, 17:57:37
Just seen that thread. I really don't get it...
Shame, and I hope you all manage to sort out whatever the problems are over there :(
Title: Re: You learn every day something new
Post by: Petari on 02-07-2018, 13:09:14
I was just thinking about some bad practices of forum administrators, moderators - in last couple weeks.
They see some discussion, what they can not follow - because lack of knowledge about (mostly technical) subject. Discussion may become heated from diverse reasons, but will not go in it here. Need to calm it down, to warn those not behaving good, to say so. So, how to judge who is right, who is wrong, who is rude, who is polite, who breaks forum rules ?
I will show here and now that they use simple majority criteria: will give right to side in discussion where more people is present. So simple. Some kind of democracy, can even say voting - in completely wrong place.  Knowledge has nothing with democracy. We know that people with high knowledge level is rare. They work often alone. They can do new, useful things.  Majority can not. Sadly, they often vote for bad politicians too. 
Example for AF:  Simbo case - I wrote many times how he claims complete wrong things, with arguments. Over years. But that was me against him 1 vs. 1 . Simbo was later banned there, the real reason was that others realized  how stupid he can be, and then 'democracy' worked. Aided with his arrogance.  But that's not typical case - his stupidities were too obvious.

More typical is discussion with D-Bug or something like EmuTOS team - then all members will jump in thread, of course on side of crew, and that means victory in 'voting' . Who don't like it may write to admin - what I did many times. Was just waste of time. They are not interested in truth, real technical knowledge. They want many members. One less is not big deal, regardless from his knowledge. Who cares for it ? They need cheap fun, talk about useless, fancy things.  How Emutos is great thing ... Really ? Anyone except 5 people of team and other five who using it (in whole Planet) says so ?  Matters not - they have place at AF because they are developers.  Sorry assholes, I'm developer too. And not only it, I'm who cares in developing human relations too. Because they are at level of first, floppy based TOS 1.00 now, in forums  ;D
Title: Re: You learn every day something new
Post by: Anemos on 11-09-2018, 01:59:43
we support Petari only..  :D
Title: Re: You learn every day something new
Post by: Petari on 07-12-2018, 14:00:55
Continuing my 'ranting' about behavior of people, this time more generally.
Basically I see same pattern by some people who admin/moderate Atari forums and many people from real World, around me. I will now show it via 2 examples:  forum admin  and  some landlady . Vs. forum member, and by LL the tenant .  All after my recent experiences in both areas.

1. Case 1: member or tennant complains that something is bad - with forum running - or with place .
The reaction is typical, first: ignoring it, no no such problem (stay for both) . If memnant (fusion from member and tenant) insists then they will say how he is aggressive, rude, and usually will threat with ban. More insisting will result in ban .
2. Admin obviously breaks forum rules, ethic, maybe even low. Landlady refuses to make contract, to give bills for paid. Both do it in same purpose - to have less work, to gain some benefit (avoid taxes for instance).
If memnant complains, he will be again rude. If he starts to talk about breaking rules, law, will be declared as insulting one (reminds on something said about me by exxos ?) .  And of course, eventually will be banned.
3. After being banned memnant has no chance for exposing his side - culprits will prevent him to post, to talk with sinners, ignoring calls, e-mails and so on.
4. Admin and Landlady know that will find new member or tenant, so they did not lose much - in first case constructive forum member, in second rent money.

I think that explanation for above is abusing of power, position. Selfishness, lazyness, vanity .
Yeah, I learned again ...